… to have a sleep in?

Up at 7am this morning to receive our delivery of 170 linear meters of reclaimed floorboards from the guys at Urban Salvage. If you need timber, with character and nail holes that ISN’T rotten or bowed to the bejesus, they’re the guys for you.

We also picked up some MASSIVE slabs of 40mm thick Blackbutt (hehe) to begin work on the custom hardwood jewellers desks that my dad is going to whip up. They will weigh over 100kg. They will be awesome.

We have also won a few eBay auction bargains, including an entire vintage kitchen that I’ll be off to Geelong to remove and transport back to the city this weekend. Too easy, instant retro.

A day trip to Castlemaine on the weekend netted us some great little antique tools and goodies, and Dani bought herself some super sharp brass scissors. Like cutting with lasers, but they’re scissors.

We get the keys this Friday, so expect a flurry of photos once we’re in… I should see if there’s a way I can post to this blog from my phone, so it’s less of a chore whilst we’re covered in sawdust and wearing overalls.

We also have some quotes onboard for logo and branding design, so that is verrrry exciting. Expect a website / blog overhaul in the coming weeks.

And on a final note, DI$COUNT have opened their store. Its insane. Is blinding. Its brilliant (in every sense of the word). I have already ordered a controversial spelling mistake tshirt that is on it’s way! Buy something if you can. In a year or two they’ll be the new McQueen / Westwood and you will regret not getting on board before everything sold out to GaGa, Beyonce and Rhianna.

Work to do, see you soon!