We got the keys to our new space yesterday… so it’s all happening now!
Unfortunately there still isn’t much ‘blog worthy’ content to post, but I do have a few photos of the space as it is at the moment, and a shot or two of the mini VIP party that we had last night.

This will be the ‘workshop’… the wall between the two doors will be all bookshelving.

Workshop. The corner directly opposite in this photo will be an enclosed machinery room.

The shop! the white wall on the right will be removed so you can see the workshop in action.

The corner where the kitchen will be. There will be an illuminated wall separating shop and kitchen

A blanket, some fairy lights, an mp3 player, beer and 17 bags of chips = studio picnic party!
Apologies to anyone in the building who heard Phil Collins echoing around the hallways at 11pm….

This morning I drove down to Geelong with my dad to remove, disassemble and bring back a groovy little 50’s kitchen from a house that is being renovated (thankyou eBay), and so with a mini hangover, and tired arms from cutting and moving 150 bits of wood for our shelving wall yesterday I’m off to lay on the couch for the afternoon. I keep forgetting that humans need rest some time!

So, the next 2 weeks will be mental. We have to move, um, EVERYTHING in to the space, and then, you know, make it all nice.

We will have a launch party in a few weeks time, so check back here, or find us on Facebook or stand outside the door until we open it and we’ll see you there!