Well, my RepRap is still being a pain in ass, but I think if I leave it for a day or two and come back to it with a fresh perspective I’ll be much better at problem solving than if it’s 11pm and I’m shitted off at it. The guys from the RepRap forums have been helpful so it’s good to know that everyone else has just as much trouble getting these things up and running.

If you are considering getting one, my advice, honestly, go check out the www.rapman.com.au site. They cost twice as much, but they work out of the box –  my pal Chris is now a distrubutor of them and i’m sure he will help you at as much as he can. If I wasn’t $900 into this one I’d be saving my pennies and going the ‘almost ready made’ route.

So that’s the downs covered, what about the ups you say?

My skiver works! That’s an ‘up’ … and the sun is out, so it’s been a good day.

Today I plugged in the new beast, put on safety goggles, turned it on and stood back. It whirred to life – despite having what look like 50 year old LEATHER straps as belts – and seems to run like a dream.

The only time-waster was that someone in the recent past has decided to have a ‘let’s just dial all these adjusters to the other end of their useful position’ party on it, so it didnt work at all at first, but after watching some YouTube vids and getting my head around the geometries of it all, I adjusted everything to the right-ish spots, sharpened the bell knife and she cuts like a razor now.

There are a few fine adjustments to be made, but for now I know it skives, so rolled edges and thinned here I come!

There’s something particularly awesome about vintage equipment, look at these knobs and dials, priceless.

Anyhoot, off to make dinner now, Dani has started firing the first of her bowls for the NGV shop collection so she is off manning the kiln. I think i’ll lash out and have a pie.

Listening to : Steel Panther today, hair metal = instant motivation.