Jeezus, how time flies huh? Week 20? That’s almost half way…

This week brought another flurry of activity, but not much in the way of photo worthy crafting. I hate to keep bringing you these non-event posts, but it seems admin and NGV bowls are all we’re cooking up lately. That said, I get bummed out when other bloggers just drop off the internet for months at a time, so hopefully this chatty banter is welcomed by some of you out there.

Dani delivered batch #1 of her bowl sets to the NGV but was struck down with a pretty bad case of ‘too much hunching over the workbench’ back ache and had to down tools before she finished the whole lot. They’ll be in the kiln this week and delivered asap! The final product looks fucking great if you ask me, facets, glossy insides and a sweet little co-branded logo make for a very ‘profesh’ looking product. We’ll shoot some photos soon.

What else, hmm, I painted my bike black in the few spots of sunshine, and it looks mean. 100% matt black. ooh yeah.

I also managed to get back to the shoemaking bench for a few hours here and there, and set myself the task of investigating plywood moulded midsoles. After a day of mad professor invention I have a formula that works, but am now questioning how far to take the “hand made” aspect of my range…… I fear that making EVERYTHING myself is perhaps setting me up for lots of unappreciated labour when products out there exist to do the job perfectly well, and are used by every other shoe label around it seems.

So here’s a bit of a peek at my latest mold + clamps + plywood setup for the craft lovers out there.

this setup resulted in a pretty good, even pressing. but its still not 100% flat.

… and for the “is this dickhead serious?” people out there, a comforting assurance that I will be talking to Bruce at Shoe Lasts Australia BEFORE I get too mental on this handmade thing, in case he can just hand me some sort of pre-made midsole that makes me go “ahhhhh…. that’s exactly what I was looking for, how much? 50 cents each? oh…”.

I’ve spoken to him about my first order of a few full size runs of high heeled lasts ($$$$, ouch) so when that goes ahead I’m in the business of shoemaking for real!

And in amongst all the tax returns, 3D work, house cleaning and car repairs I also popped in to the Melbourne RepRap Users Group meeting on the weekend!!

see? A working Mendel, a working Prusa and a bunch of dudes who know what they’re doing.

That’s right, a USERS GROUP!
ie. More than one person in the room who not only knows what a RepRap is, but who have working ones, advice to give and parts to sell. Woo hoo. So I am now the proud owner of a custom made set of electronics to replace my disgraced (and cooked) old ones, so Derek should be printing in a matter of weeks. Hot damn.

A side project I have on the go (you can never have enough side projects) is helping a cool chick from the RMIT textiles course with her mid year assignment. I’m taking some hand woven fabric of hers and making it into a pair of fashionable wedges, which is exciting. More pics when it’s done, but for now here’s a sampler.

I know, you all like pictures, but its 11pm on a Sunday and I cant be bothered editing and uploading more 🙁

So, have a good one, and I’ll be back later in the week with more updates, more photos and more words. lots of words.

Listening to : A suprising amount of ‘dance’ music, ala Ministry of Sound Annuals.
Dunno why, I usually don’t. But it’s on the iPod this week non stop.

Dani is not impressed.