Another week gone and more miscellany to post about.
There’ll be less typing this week as it’s cold and I have an episode of Masterchef to catch up on!

The last week saw the following things happen :

1. Dani FINALLY travelled with me to one of my favourite places in the world, my uncle and auntie’s farm in NSW.

It’s remote, and it’s a farm, so not really Dani’s cup of tea at all, but being the trooper she is she not only sucked up some potential agoraphobia, she also went with my crazy idea of catching the train so I didnt have to drive for once.

It was great, we have devonshire tea on the train, we saw foggy countryside, we ate, we ate more, we had a BONFIRE! oh yeah. We also saw fresh week old lambs, went fishing in the dam, I rode a motorbike around (like a boss) and picked olives from a rarely looked at and never before harvested Kalamata olive tree that was growing there. Score! All within 36 hours. Madness, but very fun. Thanks to the Richardson crew if anyone is reading this.

2. I found this native flower thing. It’s cool. I might use it for design inspiration.

3. I worked on some prototypes for Nerida, the textiles student I mentioned last week.

skethcing and transferring patterns

quick-fix insole and counter technique.

sewing and lasting

fat cork wedge BEFORE

fat cork wedge AFTER

Prototypes #1 and #2.

Prototype #1, with the handwoven fabric Nerida has made for me to use on the final pair. Nice!

4. I assembled my new bike. It is black.

Ignore the blue seat and lack of grips. They will be covered in LEATHER soon. (like a boss)

5. Dani made more bowls, and delivered more bowls.
Then we drank this Frenchy fancy Saison, and some wine.

nice bottle top detail. Bad use of camera white balance.

The bottles, in a rare unopened state that our kitchen rarely sees.

6. Dani and Coop took a well earned nap*

*Disclaimer : Coop did not earn his nap, and this wasn’t taken the same night as the wine was consumed.
I just used some editorial licence to make it look that way.

Thanks for reading kids, it’s been a blast.
Off to pass loungeroom criticisms on some amateur chefs and perhaps squeeze in one more episode of Project Runway.

Listening to : Dance music., still. Dani is concerned.