Today we put up a wall! Thanks to Dani’s brother and Dad for showing up and sharing their expertise (and proper tools) we now have a stud wall in the corner of the room that will soon be clad and formed into a machine shop.

What do I mean by Too many jokes?
Seriously, you try putting up a wall and not making at least one  joke about an ‘erection’ , ‘getting it up’,  ‘studs’,  ‘noggins’, ‘making it fit’…. you get the drift. Luckily all involved were mature adults, and minimal jokes were made on the night, but I tell you what, they were there in the back of my mind.

It has been pointed out to me over beers that the updates are not arriving on here fast enough, but you know, after ANOTHER day of building things the last thing I feel like doing is typing about it on the internet! That said, here’s a bunch of photos from my iPhone for you all to look at and someone *cough*milly*cough* owes me a beer now for doing this at 11pm on a Sunday.

…lovely hardwood desks in the making. Built to last a lifetime.

Dani staining the first of 3….

… the hole I cut through the wall. See earlier photos for hole-less wall.
Took MUCH more effort than I expected, but it’s done and we now have a nice divided off Kitchen area! woo!

For those who have been keeping watch, we now have the following :
A kitchen, a clean couch, 3 x custom made jewellers desks, 2 x writing desks (2 more to find yet), 4.8 meters of floor to ceiling shelving, a new wall, and old wall with an archway cut into it, a temporary wall, and 3.7 million lasts that I have to sort out and put in the shelves.

I haven’t moved any of my own shoemaking stuff from home yet (sad face) but the focus at the moment is on getting the shared spaces done so that we can move some tenants in asap… rent is killing us! So hopefully next week we’ll shoot some photos and advertise properly.

This week will bring : A meeting with our graphic designer for branding plans, wall cladding (maybe), perspex window installation, jewellers bench staining and varnishing, a new shelf to put our griller / oven thing on, 2 more desks from eBay, 4 chairs, and if i’m lucky, a bench to call my own… plus regular work, dinner with friends, babysitting and no doubt something else we’ve forgotten.

We probably have 2 more weeks of workshop fitout tasks, then we get to do some work and slowly build / install the shop – whilst at the same time making stock for the shop, so that’ll be fun.

a sneak peek from my meeting last week with the awesome Hannah Carlyle. Collaborations!

On a final note, Friday night drinks have kicked off and are fun. Cheap / free beer, good music, good people… heaven I say. Come on up and say hi!

Listening to : Die Antwoord (and Enya, but Dani would hate me to admit that on the internet)