Goddammit… 10 days since I was on here last?
That’s crazy… and worse still I don’t have anything new to show off this week. boooo.

The last week has been filled with Birthdays (the karaoke hour with the Craft Vic Krew was awesome), an anniversary (our 5th), a weekend away, a visit from our #1 pal Tom who has jetted in to town on business from London because he is a big-shot, home made pizzas,  work, work, work and almost 5 solid hours of me clicking through every Australian “street style” blog I can find to get my head properly around what it is that you ladies wear day to day. Seems looking at runway photos is not really the same as looking at jeans, jackets and scarves that the people of Australia actually wear.
That said, my god there are some cool dressers out there!
I have been printing out photos and absorbing the ‘look’ of now.

narrowing down what Miss Sydney, Miss Melbourne and Miss Wellington look like on weekday
… for those rare days where you need something OTHER than towering yellow 5″ heels

On a cool side note, I’m going to meet a textiles student this week to talk about helping her out with her end-of-year project… she wants shoes made, I need help with sourcing amazing coloured Tweed… hellooooo coincidence. Sometimes things just line up like that.

colour schemes that are running through my head at the moment for fabric weaving.

Anyhoot, I have work to do, drawings to draw and scotch to drink.

Oh, we also checked out the DI$COUNT exhibition and it was good stuff, those girls are on the rise for sure, I’m sure we’ll give each other knowing nods one day as we pass each other in the streets of Paris during fashion week. Or at Cherry on a weeknight, one or the other.

Listening to : Wu Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck people (the coolest song ever written about sunscreen)