1. Dani and I have BOTH HAD THE FLU all week and productivity dropped to pretty much zero for the entire week. So, not making excuses or anything, but that sucked.

2. I finally got my ass back in to gear yesterday and made a new silicon mould of an insole I formed from Veg Tan and lacquered… then today I made my first plastic insole / shankboard replacement. It seems to have worked, but I might need some firmer plastic or some sort of shank / spine in there. Will investigate further asap, whilst trying to minimise how many times I have to make $40 silicon moulds as practice runs.

2b. I have photos of this process for you all, but I left the flippin’ camera cable at the studio, so no pics for tonight. Daaaaang. Tomorrow?

3. I also managed to get my first super-super-low-resolution 3D scan happening! Woop. Using a laser-leveller, a crap webcam (new HD one from eBay on it’s way), some acetate, a texta (no printer here, had to trace things off the computer screen – that’s how low-tech it can get around here) and that David3D software I mentioned earlier I got this bit of crap to show up on the screen. Nothing useful, but a good “proof of concept”.

4. Dani thinks I have been saying “proof of concept” too much lately. Perhaps she is right.

5. I picked up the final 5 pairs of lasts this week in amongst my sickness, so I now have a full size run of 3.5″ heeled lasts. One less excuse off the list!


So, this week I’m back at computer job, but I have a set list of tasks to get on with now. Namely, refine plastic insole, refine heel > insole attachment design, cast a set of matching left / right components and FINALLY make a damned pair of heels that I know I can replicate without having to involve a supplier who is likely to tell me they “don’t sell that particular product any more”.

There is a spark of excitement fizzing back in to life in me.
It’s been a while, but watching fashion shows, meeting some great people during fashion week, meeting fashion students and recent graduates who are full of ideas and initiative (giving me some hope for the future) and re-reading my McQueen books has me recharged.

We’re going to open our shop up again within a month, so that will mean a renewed focus on blogging, photos, and lots more making now that the post-christmas slump is over.
Oh, and of course seeing a studio full of people doing top notch work is always good!! This week, studio crew profiles, I promise.

Listening to : Pond – Beard, Wives, Denim.   Perth does it again.