Ok kids, here’s the 4th pair of Steve Phillips Handmade Shoes ever made… a stylin’ pair of Desert Boots, custom made for my one and only customer, Dani M.

We have a deal going on where she decides the next pair of shoes she wants,  and I make them – providing they are possible with the limited amount of lasts I have, and the even more limited skill set I have.
These ones came about after seeing that Solo ad where the kids are kicking a can and looking all 70s, Dani decided she wanted a pair, I search-engined up some ye olde images and then got out the pens and pencils.

Here’s a few behind the scenes shots of them being made, I’m trying to take a few shots of each stage, so as I post up other shoes I make you can see all the dicking around that goes in to making them!

This is where I completely made up a toe-puff forming technique.
(Let me take this moment to point out that I am mostly self taught, so stuff like this happens often.)

The hand stitched sole-to-upper part – as previously mentioned, done in 35 degree heat.

Ta daaa! The finished product. All leather upper, nickel rivets, crepe rubber sole, too many hours to count, but a success for a first try.

So, there you have my first ever shoe making blog post. I’ll backtrack and show the other 3 pairs I’ve made at a later date.
Please dont hit me up with emails, as I am under strict orders from Dani not to promise shoes to anyone else until I’m a master craftsman.

Thanks for stopping by.

Listening to : Sleep – Live at ATP 2009*
*and praying for a tour of Australia… i’ll do a whole post on Sleep soon.