Ah, the irony…. “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” by the Small Faces playing on the iPod RIGHT NOW, and what are we doing? Anything but being lazy.

Today Dani and I set up and shot all of the products currently in our store for the imminent launch of our online store! That’s right, if you’re :

  1. Not in Melbourne
  2. Stuck at home with a case of laziness and/or illness
  3. Scared of the lift in the Nicholas Building and not fit enough for the stairs

You can soon purchase whatever we have up for sale from the comfort of your home (or your iPad whilst stuck in traffic). The wonders of modern life.

It took a good 4 hours, but we have come to terms with the fact that it’s just how we are. We COULD work more hours somewhere else and then pay a photographer, or we could zip to the art store, buy some stuff and get shooting. So keep a lookout for some website changes (again) and a new click-n-buy store in the coming weeks.

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Listening to : the drama students in the studio next door primal yelling at full volume. It’s pretty funny.