Sigh, this whole blogging thing is no fun when you pack up the tools and head off to work for a few weeks! No making stuff means no photos, which means no content… boo.

Dani and I have just finished a month of full-time working for ‘the man’ (an attempt to clear up a few getting-a-bit-stupid credit card debts) and now we’re walking head on into a month of moving studio, and most probably our house too.

We’re thinking of combining home and studio space again, so we’ll need to move a little further out to the ‘burbs to get something with more space than we can find in inner city Melbourne at the moment.
So, if you are one of the few souls who checks here for shoe making news and gossip, sorry! Give me a few weeks and I’ll have a studio attached to my house which will DEFINITELY mean at least 2 or 3 shoe making posts a week… I’ll have my computer and my shoe stuff in the same room = blog central.

For now, check out the link below… this is what I’m talking about when I say nice shoes.


Raphael Young’s new range – Image from Refinery 29.

Listening to : Earth  – The bees made honey in the lion’s skull

Music for listening to in an office when the days drrraaaggg onnnn….