Well,  for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere it is… to all you northerners, we’re sending winter your way, it’s our turn to soak up that sun, fire up the bbq and complain about the heat.

I would truly love to have something exciting, or crafty, or just interesting to offer to the slowly increasing number of you who check in here but unfortunately I am now in week 3, or maybe 4, of my 6-day-a-week workload at my other “part time” job. We delivered the Venice Biennale project on time, and received some great reviews, but the workload hasn’t let up and I’m still holding down the fort while one of our key workers is overseas.

So, no shoe news… lots of ideas bouncing around in my head… but nothing being made at the moment.

Next week is Paulius’ (and Luke’s) big fundraiser party,  so come on down if you can and hassle me relentlessly to make you some shoes. That might be all it takes for me to get back out there in the shed!

Oh, one bit of potentially interesting news – I have just found out that an old friend of mine has/uses one of the rapid prototyping robots I’ve been banging on about making! Excellent. Someone to talk to, borrow stuff from, and pester… I’d better buy some beer and reignite the friendship before I wear out my welcome!

I’ll ask Dani to put something up here asap, she has been super busy making things, and has new stockists etc. so there has to be a story and some photos in that?

Thanks for stopping by and pleeeease rest assured that this is a temporary interruption.
If all goes to plan next year there will be PLENTY of time to type blog entries (wink wink).

Listening to : Akufen – Deck the Halls

** go on. listen to it.. and trust me.. zipping across the dial on your radio will never sound the same. **