Howdy out there, just a quick note to apologise if you’re clicking back here regularly and seeing not much happening… ironically it’s because there is SO MUCH HAPPENING that we don’t have time to report on what is happening!

So, in point form, here’ the update from the last 10 days :

– We are opening the shop before the end of the year, details of that to come very soon
– We have met some people who are interested in our studio spaces, we like them, we will probably sign them up and have a community in there soon!
– Dani and I are MADLY making whatever we can for the pre-christmas sell a thon (see item 1) and the many markets Dani has signed up for.
– We get our own real Eftpos machine this week. woooooooo.
– Our logo is designed, and will be implemented on this here site asap. Full branding package will be done at a later date
– I have been making prototype shoes, iPhone cases, and mockups for my beautiful pal Michelle’s wedding shoes!!!!
– Oh, and I’ve been contacted by a proper famous (from the UK, and someone I like a lot) musician’s assistant to make her some shoes! Very exciting, more on that little project later too.

… and we’ve just started moving things around to start repainting the shop this weekend… sheesh.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll upload more pics from my phone as soon as I can!

Listening to – Steel Panther’s new album. 100% gloriously offensively awesome.