Hi there, just a quick post to apologise if you’ve been checking back over the last week for some sort update……

Dani and I are swimming in to-do lists, and typing about them on the internet is counter-productive!

In summary, the shop is painted, shelves are up …

…branding is resolved, we will be mailing out PDFs to all of our suppliers tonight, we are working with Nick on some AWESOME merchandise for his Turd Circus illustrations to coincide with him releasing Volume 2, We have attended another wedding this weekend, I am sifting through the 1000 or so patterns I generated for digitally printed bags, I am dying Italian Silk for Michelle’s wedding shoes (as I type this) so I can make the final ones later this week, I have necklaces on the go, leather goods to sew up and a website to update (for the pop up shop).

my slightly insane work area last week

Dani has literally hundreds of bits of jewellery scattered around the studio in preparation for xmas sales and markets, which reminds me… we will be at the Sydney Finders Keepers market in 2 weeks time (of course, why not?) and she is also involved in the Melbournalia pop up shop collective – more on that next week.

So, I could keep typing but it’s getting silly… you get the idea, we’re busy.

If you’re reading this, and are crafty and want to intern here for a few days, let us know, there will be something we can hand over to you to do!! We can pay in coffee and home made salami.

See you all soon!

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Millie Damen, we’re missing her 2nd birthday party today, which is giving me a massive sad face – so I will have to make it up to her at christmas time.