Another exhausting weekend done, and some major achievements, um, achieved.

This weekend saw us host a mini-working-bee where our AWESOME friends Millie, Garth, Anika, and Michael joined Dani and I and my Dad in painting, cleaning, and fitting out our retail space! Can’t thank you enough guys.

No photos (I only took one on my phone and it’s blurry) .. so I’ll try to do a little shoot / panorama thing tonight when I’m in there (again).

We are still on track for a December 1st pop-up-shop launch, and we will unveil the name / branding of it all in the next few days. I’m starting to develop a constant spew-in-the-belly feeling about it all, but I guess that’s par for the course with starting something completely overwhelming!

See you in a few weeks, and i’ll update asap with more photos.

Listening to : everything, all at once, I keep skipping songs due to a bit of a manic impatience.