Pop Up Launch – Tonight!

Hey Hey,

If you want to fight the crowds and try to have a look at our pop-up shop on it’s (belated) first day of trading, come by tonight at 6pm and say hi!

www.quickanddead.com  << all the info is there.

Finders Keepers! (but not sleepers)


Dani and I have returned safely from another whirlwind trip to Sydney and would like to say a BIG thankyou to the Sydney shoppers for giving us a big boost by buying most of the stuff we had on sale. Although we cant complain about selling lots, it does mean we have less Dani M stock to fill the Quick and the Dead shop with on Day #1 , but never fear, she is hard at work making more as I type this…

It was a crazy 48 hours, flying up, arriving at our hostel accommodation (sydney was totally booked out hotel wise), finding out we were assigned separate shared dorm rooms, not sleeping much due to us being in noisy rooms of strangers, setting up the cardboard stall that our pal Michael Hili made for us – more on that in another post – and then the market began…. no stop market trading for 2 days …. packed up at 5:10pm, arrived at the airport at 5:45pm, flew back to melbourne, caught a taxi and a train home, and ate a pizza.

So we have 4 days now to add extra stock to the shop, and to organise a PARTY! wooooo.

Wednesday night, be here or be square.
Dead & Buried’s first in-house launch event.
Full details will be online asap, but just assume it’s 6-8pm, here, in the Nicholas Building.
Beers are on us.

Off to work, what better way is there to spend a Sunday?

Listening to - Sweet Apples + Witch  … J Mascis is on a roll with his new bands!

Flyers printed!


…now to distribute them all over town.

Digi print


Sneak preview of the digitally printed totes we are making for the shop. Precursor to a full range of bags and shoes coming out next year.


It’s time to announce the name and dates etc for our first ever retail trading experience!

As of December 1st 2011 the Dead & Buried retail showroom will be converted into a short term pop-up shop called THE QUICK AND THE DEAD featuring handmade goods from Dani and I, crafty objects, jewellery and clothing from a bunch of our friends, illustrations and books (and offensive merchandise) from Nick at Turd Circus, and some limited edition one-of-a-kind framed artworks from Melbourne’s coolest kids.
Note that the participants listed above are from a work-in-progress version of the flyer… there are more, lots more.

The 1st will be a soft launch of sorts, with not much ceremony as we have to fly out that evening to Sydney for the Finders Keepers Market.

We will return though to launch the whole shabang with a mini-party on December the 7th (Wednesday) and we will be open for business steadily from then through til January some time. I’ll put up launch party info next week  (when we decide what it is) so relax, there’s no VIP list yet… and if there was one, you’d be on it.

We have an UNGODLY amount of things to do in the next 10 days, so please, be kind.
If you’re in the area and have a spare coffee, bring it up.

See you soon!

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So much to do…

Hi there, just a quick post to apologise if you’ve been checking back over the last week for some sort update……

Dani and I are swimming in to-do lists, and typing about them on the internet is counter-productive!

In summary, the shop is painted, shelves are up …

…branding is resolved, we will be mailing out PDFs to all of our suppliers tonight, we are working with Nick on some AWESOME merchandise for his Turd Circus illustrations to coincide with him releasing Volume 2, We have attended another wedding this weekend, I am sifting through the 1000 or so patterns I generated for digitally printed bags, I am dying Italian Silk for Michelle’s wedding shoes (as I type this) so I can make the final ones later this week, I have necklaces on the go, leather goods to sew up and a website to update (for the pop up shop).

my slightly insane work area last week

Dani has literally hundreds of bits of jewellery scattered around the studio in preparation for xmas sales and markets, which reminds me… we will be at the Sydney Finders Keepers market in 2 weeks time (of course, why not?) and she is also involved in the Melbournalia pop up shop collective – more on that next week.

So, I could keep typing but it’s getting silly… you get the idea, we’re busy.

If you’re reading this, and are crafty and want to intern here for a few days, let us know, there will be something we can hand over to you to do!! We can pay in coffee and home made salami.

See you all soon!

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Millie Damen, we’re missing her 2nd birthday party today, which is giving me a massive sad face – so I will have to make it up to her at christmas time.


Shop Fittin’

Another exhausting weekend done, and some major achievements, um, achieved.

This weekend saw us host a mini-working-bee where our AWESOME friends Millie, Garth, Anika, and Michael joined Dani and I and my Dad in painting, cleaning, and fitting out our retail space! Can’t thank you enough guys.

No photos (I only took one on my phone and it’s blurry) .. so I’ll try to do a little shoot / panorama thing tonight when I’m in there (again).

We are still on track for a December 1st pop-up-shop launch, and we will unveil the name / branding of it all in the next few days. I’m starting to develop a constant spew-in-the-belly feeling about it all, but I guess that’s par for the course with starting something completely overwhelming!

See you in a few weeks, and i’ll update asap with more photos.

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New work!

Hey hey!  Dani here.  Got some new stuff to show you..its been about a year, but I found some time to develop one of my exhibition pieces into a range.

You can find it at Craft Victoria or at the upcoming Finders Keepers Market in Sydney on the 2nd and 3rd of December and then at the Harvest Textiles market on December 17.




…and some white pieces too.  These are ring holders for your bed side table.  All this work is ‘pinch pot’ which means i start with a ball of porcelain and pinch it into a shape.  Easy to do, freaking hard to master!


Lots happening, pop up shop is being planned, we’re working too hard.
Will post back on the weekend with some images and stories.

When I’m grown up I want to design things like this (my my, how things have changed!)

McQueen 2012. Killing it.

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Quick repost of some images from Fashionising.
The colourful details and little crafty bits are the sort of look we’re conjuring up for our pop up shop… so if you want to spend summer brightening people’s days, we’ll hook you up with some COLOUR.