August gone too?

Shit god-damn, another month gone, no blogging, not much sleep, not much money, but we’re still at it!

Our shop has been officially soft-launched, we sold some goodies, people came and shared in the fun times, and all in all it was a success. Dani and I are broke, tired and drained at the moment, so with a few weeks of low key activities and some rest we’ll gear up for a proper shop launch party and some serious media hyping.

I am also FINALLY ABOUT TO START MAKING SOME SHOES. It must be 4 or 5 months since I last made anything worth talking about, so it’s wayyy past due. I have all of next week in here and I will make some things and photograph them for you all, a craft blog is no fun without craft.

So, i’ll leave you today with a sneak preview of Audrey’s first collection of handmade shoes she has produced for her RMIT course under my “um, yeah you can probably do it that way, i’m not sure, lets try” style of guidance. I wont say teaching as it’s mostly guess work. Her shoes are cool, they have fluoro leather AND glow in the dark cast resin components! Madness!!

Listening to : The Doors at the moment, iPod shuffler is dj’ing tonight.

Open Studios 2012

Hi all, a bit late notice I know, but our shop will be open to the public this Thursday and Friday from 4pm – 9pm as part of the Nicholas Building Open Studios event!

If I get a chance I’ll log back in here tomorrow and add some more info, or you could just come by and say hi and ask us in person.

> Level 3, Room 10 <

July, been and gone

Howdy all, lots more has been happening in our world, but the most major thing (and the cause for no blog content) is that Dani and I have decided to move house, again. We only rent, so we like to exercise the (only?) luxury that renters have of being able to say “you know what, lets move over there now”.

So with relatively short notice we leased a house in North Melbourne and if any of you have known us for long enough you’ll know that the ol’ 3051 is where I always want to be living, if not in NYC, so we’re pretty excited to be heading back there this week! We have had to DRASTICALLY downsize our life though, moving from 3 bedrooms, living room and and shed to 1 bedroom, 1 living room, no shed has meant we’ve had to recycle, donate, or junk about half of what we were hording at this place. So much useless stuff! If you ever get the chance to do so, go for it, otherwise you’ll end up with piles of junk when you’re old.

We move tomorrow, and will have no home internet for a bit, so the blogging will be quiet again – BUT, after that, I’ll be able to WALK IN AND OUT OF THE CITY, so expect lots more shoe stuff, lots more shop stuff and a lot of general excitement.

I wish I could put all of the following things in to blog posts of their own, but alas, there is no time, so here’s the usual summary of things / new things / good things.

- We are about to soft-launch open our shop this week! We’re part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed festival which involves us opening our doors to interested visitors, so we have had to hurry along the shop reno’s.

- The Nicholas Building open studios nights are coming up too, August 17/18 – we’ll be open and having a bit of a gathering, come on up!

- I have been asked to curate a photographic exhibition of shoes at the upcoming Melbourne Shoe Fair, and in true ‘me’ style, I have amped it up and am now commissioning and styling photographs that celebrate the making and design of shoes, more on that in a few weeks.

- I’m also giving a talk at RMIT in September, so i’ll post details of that soon.

- Dani has launched her new label, goodlyGOLD and it’s going great, lots of orders from Design Made Trade, look her up on the web or Facebook to find out more.

- We have finally completed our hunt for a studio member and are happy to welcome Elise to the gang. She hasn’t graduated yet, but is a bit of a jewellery genius, so we’re excited to have her on board!

… probably more to tell you but i’m running late again! always late! ahhhh.

Back soon. Steve


REPOST #2 : Janina Alleyne

These aren’t my work, but got damn they’re nice…

With my 3D printer currently on a holiday at my cousin’s house (who I should mention STUDIED ROBOTICS at university, why I didnt consult him earlier I’ll never know) hopefully to return in actual working order once he irons out a few issues – I’m looking forward to later this year when instead of reading about cutting edge stuff like this whilst at my office job, I can actually be making it.

I do realise that the ‘entirely printed shoe’ thing is a bit unrealistic and fanciful, the idea of printing and replicating most of the parts of a shoe will mean cost effective outrageous stuff like this will be possible within a few years. Exciting!

Check out this link for more info here :

and here :

REPOST : William Banfield’s Micro Make

Hey gang, lots going on in our lives as usual – we’re trying to arrange moving house sometime soon so we can be closer to the CBD and spend less time on the train, but it’s not easy! The combination of needing to find time to actually LOOK at houses, and minimising all the junk we have accumulated at home = busy, busy, busy.

I thought instead of more rattling on about what we’ve been up to I’d share this little bit of awesome that I just saw on the internet today

Dani and I have plans on paper to make a powder coating booth in the near future, and seeing simple things like this really inspires me. I have lots of ideas and theories about how design and manufacturing can survive in this modern world – and this concept of simple machines that perform tasks that were traditionally ‘industrial’ is right on the money, people need to be able to “make” what they dream up and not have the lack of factories and skill mean that great ideas just dissolve away.

Anyhoo, that’s enough semantics… enjoy the pictures! (i’ll post back about this if/when I ever build something similar myself)


Now with added PHOTOS


Hey hey, back again with a blog post for the first time in ages that actually has some damn photos to accompany it. I know how boring text-only blogs can be, so I’m sorry for taking this long to remember to carry the camera in and snap a few shots of what is going on. Admittedly they’re still not the making-shoes-with-tools-and-sewing or ceramic-techniques photos that most of you prefer, but these will have to do.


First up we have some pics of the shop in it’s newest incarnation, after fretting over what our USP would be, what we’d be selling, why we’re selling it etc, Dani and I came to the conclusion that art, craft and colour are the main themes that will sum up Dead & Buried Version 1, so we assigned our newly finished wall to the status of “art wall” and I took the challenge up to do the first floor-to-ceiling paint job.
After a TERRIBLE start that looked like a combination between a mexican restaurant and a gay pride parade (bad move using primary colours) I started again with a pastels and fluro idea that is looooosely based on a bouquet of flowers image, distorted and abstracted.

At this stage Dani noted that I seemed happier than I had in quite a while, and she was right, making art, particularly on this scale is totally AWESOME.

I think we might also get high res photos of each of the artworks we have done and use them to make some texile products for the shop? Scarves? Pillows? Stuff like that.

… and voila, there you go, one new shop, shelves set up, floor repainted, mural 90% done (there is some more to add when I get the mood back again) and stock starting to arrive!

2. Dani has been making new things for the shop and for a new brand she is going to launch. This stuff will be more affordable and a little more ‘trend driven’ so keep your eye out for launch details and photos soon!

3. She has also been pinch potting like a demon and managed to make all of these goodies in a few weeks for stocking at Craft Vic and Five Boroughs etc.

Mini plant pots!

Plates and cups!

4. I’ve been making Boots! They are colourful!

In preparation for the new hyper-coloured shop opening I’ve been making up some desert boots that will be available only from us, for a limited time, in limited numbers. They’ll be about $300 a pair and will be HANDMADE to order in colourful suede. More on them in the coming weeks.

Suedes, most of which I’ll be offering, with specific laces for each colour.

fully graded patterns for all the sizes I can make (for now)

Tools and doodads…

The cramped workspace now that both Madeline and I have been trying to work in there… making it very obvious that I need a new layout if I have an assistant at any stage.

…. and a quick picture of Madeline WEARING HER FIRST PAIR OF SHOES. Bam, she totally made them all herself (from a my pattern), with me hovering over her shoulder making suggestions. I am very impressed, she is ace.


5. Bonfire!

… lastly, a few pics from our family get together bonfire in central Victoria earlier this month, because they look nice.
(Hili, we missed you, please come back for the next one)

we took the camera up to scout some locations for a possible jewellery photo shoot…

… and arriving at 5pm = golden hour = everything looks spectacular.

Dani getting warmed by the pre-fire / marshmallow fire…..

THE REAL DEAL BONFIRE. Masssssiiivvvve.

James standing in front of it as it was being lit… it burned until about 4am
… I think, by then I was too drunk to actually see if it was alight any more (oops).

Gotta go, Emily Green is having a launch tonight with the TACO truck there…. get down if you can!

13 Morey Street, Armadale

Listening to  : Om, and eagerly awaiting their new album next month! Woooo.

Everything is A-ok

So much happening lately, no time to blog as usual.

Madeline arrived safe and sound from the USA, she is awesome.
We have inducted her in to the Dead & Buried gang – she has her own key – and we have been making shoes, heading out to galleries and openings and she has been off interviewing Melbourne fashion people. Hello to anyone from Virginia reading this, we will be sending her back with a bag full of goodies from Dani’s desk and at least one pair of hand made shoes.

The shop is now 90% done, just a few details to iron out and then we fill it up with stock and open the doors around the first week of July. YESSSSSSSS.

Shoes are in all sorts of stages of completion, no photos because I keep leaving the damn camera at home. Will take some soon.

We still need another studio member… ^^^^^^^ KNOW ANYONE GOOD? TELL THEM TO CALL US.

Back with photos and shoes and photos and jokes later in the week.

ps. I’m on Pinterest now posting pics of girls, shoes and art. Look me up >  Steven Phillips.

Mini update

It’s monday morning and I really should be out of the house already, but a bit of overthinking-planning-excitement-nervousness insomnia set in last night, so after 3 episodes of Project Runway at 2am I finally fell asleep.

Here’s where we’re at this week, in case anyone is interested….

- I have painted a mega bright coloured mural on the blank wall of our shop space, and with a little more fluro paint and some gold leaf it will be ready to dazzle ye eyes upon your next visit.

- We’ve reshuffled the shop fittings (well, I did all day yesterday) and we’re now almost ready to fill up the shelves with stock.

- The mural has given me some renewed enthusiasm for setting up our online store, as it sets up a clear difference between the old-world look of the workshop (and the look of this workshop section of our website) and the new, white and bright colours look of the retail space. So expect another revamp to the look of this site in the next few weeks to tie EVERYTHING together.

- Audrey is making some great progress on her shoes, and she is also about to work on some electronic-musical-instrument integrated shoes for Bern’s final year collection, so that should be fun to see develop.

- Madeline arrives today from the USA, so we’ll get to work on some Desert Boots and as many other interesting things as I can think of to show her

- I have too many ideas for shoes and am trying to focus and get one thing done  at a time for once… we’ll see how that goes. It has also been noted that shoe making photos is why a lot of people come here, so I better pick up the pace on the shoe making posts and stop promising they’re ‘coming soon’.

- Dani is working on new designs, homewares and pondering the idea of setting up another brand / diffusion line for those fans who can’t always afford her 100% silver and gold work. More on that soon.

- Emily has CRAZY GOOD scarves arriving in the studio lately. Made in Melbourne, fluro and neutrals, eye-meltingly bright. You’ll see em in our shop after her launch in a few weeks.

- We still need another jeweller / maker in the house, so pass the word on, there’s a lonely desk that needs some attention…. make it yours! ^^^^

- We’re also working on an idea for the store / workshop that might necessitate us going BACK TO NEW YORK! Yessssss, that is always a good thing.

Oh and I’m reading Sun Tzu’s “The art of war” and am learning little nuggets of battle plan wisdom all over the place that I hope to apply to this overwhelmingly long and complicated plan that Dani and I are in the midst of.
5 year plans seem like a good idea until you’re 2 years into them and are all “fuck off, I have 3 more years to go? I should have aimed lower”.

So, prepare your armies kids, we’re coming to take over the world (or just for a pop in and a cup of tea, depending on who you are)


Why hello there idea-for-bags-that-will-catch-the-eye-of-people-on-the-street, now I know how to get some free advertising out of something as simple as a bag – MAKE THEM STUPID BIG.

image stolen from where it appears the coolest cats in Melbourne are on show.

ps. the title of this post should be read out loud, like this :

Dang. 3 weeks already?

It must be the winter months, as weeks are just ticking by and we’ve neglected this ol’ blog. To be honest with you all though, Dani and I are bogged down in work due to us somewhat over-committing on hmmm, EVERY aspect of our lives and thus running almost completely out of money.
A word of warning to people starting small businesses – you run out of money, a lot. If you are silly enough to have a partner / husband / wife / lover who is also a craftsperson slash small businessperson, you will definitely run out of money all the time, every month. Unless you have rich parents or win the lotto, but that is another story.

So, I’d like to type more and upload photos, but I have work to do, so until then, here’s the lowdown :

We are repainting our shop and hope to re-open it in June with a masssssiiiivvvvveeee party.

I made some shoes last week for Russh magazine (woo hoo) but will save the making-of pics until a little later.

On that same topic (the shoes I made were desert boots) I am now in the process of designing out a range of super colourful wintery desert boots to start making asap as a bridge-the-gap collection before I launch my high heel ridiculousness. More on that next week.

Um, I’ve also been helping Audrey make shoes, that’s been fun, she has crazy ideas and I like the challenge of making them happen. Bring it on.

Oh, and both Dani and Emily from our studio will be at MarkIt this weekend – so come on down! Brave the cold! Get some mad cheap jewelleries.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by, and get ready to ‘get your spend on’ when we open the shop next month.
Support local trade, yadda yadda… just come in for a visit, we like visitors.