Flinders Lane Shopping Night

Hey gang, we’re participating in the first annual Flinders Lane Shopping Night this THURSDAY, November 22.
Come up to see us for a beer if there are any left, 10% off all stock in store and a last chance to have a look before we revamp the space for our Christmas Pop Up shop!

Here’s the official info from the press release. Special thanks goes to Dana Lenko for organising it all!

Flinders Lane and its surrounds are the darlings of Melbourne’s lauded laneways.

Home to our most beloved independent retailers, designers and creative minds—it is where the lifeblood of Australian fashion and the forefront of independent design pools.

To celebrate this unique, creative community, retailers have united for the very first time to create an exciting new event—the Flinders Lane Shopping Night, to be held on Thursday November 22, 2012 from 5pm to 9pm. On this day local retailers will be staying open for a late night shopping experience with each store running their own exclusive offers.

Here’s a Facebook event link if you want to share it around


Ho-leee shiiit…

A month? Already? In fact a month + a week? God damn, sorry followers!
October has been STUPID busy for Dani and I, so we have neglected our blog, our plants and our friends all in the quest for the big dream. What’s been going on you say?

– Dani has been making goodlyGOLD items in bulk with her new assistant/pal Alicia and there are a bunch of new stockists coming soon.

– She has produced a limited edition range of jewellery exclusively for LIFEwithBIRD which is pretty exciting as she loves their clothing.

– There have also been a bunch of fuck-ups with her suppliers sending the wrong thing, plating necklaces in the wrong stuff… that sort of thing… the stuff that makes everything just a little bit more painful than it needs to be.

– I have taken on the challenge of making 10 PAIRS of crazy high heels for a high profile runway show that is coming in 2 weeks. I’m not allowed to say any more than that, but when it’s done and shown dont you worry, I’ll be talking about it as much as possible.

– This has also involved me getting the most awesome Emma Greenwood on board to sew the 20 uppers I need. The decision was made that my nerves are a bit shaky and my stress levels a bit high for me to pull of 2 days of sewing and expect good results. Emma knocked them up in an afternoon and they’re perfect. She rulez.

– I am now knee deep in resin molds, leather uppers and nails trying to get them all made. Looks achievable, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

* if you want to see update pics of the shoe stuff as I do it, follow us on Instagram DEADANDBURIED – that would also explain the crap photos this month, no time for good cameras.
or just spy on us here if you (understandably) don’t use instagram > http://web.stagram.com/n/deadandburied/

– I am also working 3 days a week AND doing extra 3d stuff at night to pay for…..

….wait for it…..



A top of the line Replicator2 is coming my way (as seen on the cover of Wired magazine this month) which will mean I can finally print out crrrrraaazzzzyyyyy 3d parts and get my ideas realised. I have had to sell some musical gear but hell, who cares when you have a black bad assed printer on the desk?

This is part of a bigger push to restructure my shoe brand idea from ‘hobby’ to a Jimmy Choo level business, so 2013 is shaping up to be fucking busy.

Oh, and extra thanks goes to my dad who, as you do, just finished the restoration of my vw and got it registered for me last week (mainly so I get it the hell out of his driveway). So, when I get a free hour one day I’ll go pick it up and be crusing the streets in this rocket.

Apologies to anyone we’ve forgotten to call back / have dinner with / answer your emails. We’re busy, it sucks, but it’s what it takes to make it alllll happen.

We are having another Quick and the Dead pop up shop too this year, so keep an eye out for info on that in the next week or so. If you make things and want to sell stuff that is in the gift-buying price bracket ($50 – $100) then get in touch with us!

ps. if you’re reading this Madeline, that’s why I haven’t been in touch again, oops, I’ll email you soon!


Sunday Shoot

Ah, the irony…. “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” by the Small Faces playing on the iPod RIGHT NOW, and what are we doing? Anything but being lazy.

Today Dani and I set up and shot all of the products currently in our store for the imminent launch of our online store! That’s right, if you’re :

  1. Not in Melbourne
  2. Stuck at home with a case of laziness and/or illness
  3. Scared of the lift in the Nicholas Building and not fit enough for the stairs

You can soon purchase whatever we have up for sale from the comfort of your home (or your iPad whilst stuck in traffic). The wonders of modern life.

It took a good 4 hours, but we have come to terms with the fact that it’s just how we are. We COULD work more hours somewhere else and then pay a photographer, or we could zip to the art store, buy some stuff and get shooting. So keep a lookout for some website changes (again) and a new click-n-buy store in the coming weeks.

Oh, and if you like photos of things, follow us on Instagram @deadandburied! Then you’ll get the inside scoop on everything we do.

Listening to : the drama students in the studio next door primal yelling at full volume. It’s pretty funny.

Audrey Thomas-Hayes – Luxe: “Live”

Hey gang, I just wanted to post some photos up here of Audrey’s work before I forget to do so…

As you may remember, she has been dropping by the studio every now and then for advice and encouragement as she works on her final year collection at RMIT Fashion. She previously was interning with Roberts & Hassett, but the guys there noted that she was probably a bit too “avante garde” in her ideas to be learning from their hand-sewn ultra-traditional ways.

James introduced us, and I have been giving her tips on resin casting, machining, power tool safety… all the old man / dad sort of things that come out in me when someone asks for help.

She has been a bit of a powerhouse of productivity thought, as she just exhibited her own preview collection of shoes, made shoes for another student’s exhibition AND worked on shoes for a runway outfit. Thumbs up to that.

These first lot are her own shoes, exhibited under the Luxe: “Live” moniker, if you go over to her site > http://cargocollective.com/audreythomashayes < you can read the explanation of the name and ideas.

rather than paint the buckles, I encouraged her to make a silicone mould and cast her own… too easy.

These started as “sneakers” and gradually morphed over many design changes into fur lined boots with clear heels…

… which have mini diamond shapes in them to hide any obvious means of attaching them.

Diamonds on the soles of your feet anyone?

Oh… and why not throw some GLOW IN THE DARK powder in when casting resin parts? Awesome.

On display as part of MSFW with live modelling.

Under UV light…

… which makes elastic glow like crazy.

She also put these together for Bernadette Francis, they’re part of a collection that is inspired by sound, and these shoes will have a Theremin integrated into the sole / pant leg so that you buzz and whirrrr as you walk around.

The boot is part of the pant, which is part of the jumpsuit… hence the entire outfit in a bag.

unpicked and re-sewn rand.

as-much-glitter-as-possible resin heels.

… I will also add a shout out to Katia from our studio who made the jewellery+ some ornamentation for Bern’s show

Bits like this…

…sewn on on to this dress, and attached to headpieces. Beautiful work.

So, that’s the sort of thing that has been coming out of our studio lately. Dani and I are very happy to see that we’re helping Melbourne fashion be a bit more awesome. So much more to come over the next year!

*image above from Meagan Harding Photography

MSFW week – New Shoes and Runway shows


Well it’s Friday again, another week gone, but for once I have new work to show rather than just excuses and moaning about time wasting.

I will pop up a post next week about Audrey’s shoes and exhibition that I gave her some help with here and there, but if you’re interested here the link to the website : http://luxelive.tumblr.com/
The shoes she produced are great, and they made me realise I need to making more stuff instead of just talking about it and assisting others.

So on that note, here’s this week’s story…..

Tuesday : Get complimentary tickets to the RMIT fashion show at MSFW. Woo.

Wednesday : Have a lacklustre day, Dani and I both were tired, mid-week slump. Not much work done. We leave the studio to walk home (we live close enough to walk home now! yesssss) and Dani notes that she has nothing “fashionable” to wear the the runway show, and we have no money for new clothes. I drop the old “well, I could make you new shoes tomorrow?”

Thursday : Arrive at 10am and IMMEDIATELY get to work on making a complete pair of heels for Dani to wear THAT NIGHT TO A FASHION EVENT. Seems I only work when there is an impossible deadline.

Here are the pics, with time stamps so you can see how intense yesterday was.

10.12am – Insoles prepared (not using my resin ones, no time to cast new parts today)

10.19am – Breaking out a new pack of suede…

10.20am – taking photos of leather for no reason.

10.34am – measurements and patterns from prototype shoe

12.50pm – 2 hours have passed… patterns cut, edges skived and rolled, insoles semi-wrapped

1.10pm – Top of the list of “things I didnt think i’d be doing at 32 years old” = hand beading sequins on to shoe pieces.

1.49pm – Uppers assembled, sequins attached

3pm – sewing almost done + lining attached. One hour lost due to having to pull apart older prototype shoes for heels to recycle.

4.13pm – Lasting begins. Panic starts.

4.14 – Questioning why I am taking photos at this point when I have deadlines to meet.

4.20pm – Nick Lewis comes to visit. I pretty much ignore him. I apologise for that Nick.

5.41pm – lasted, heels and platforms attached. Gold details added

5.51 – heels screwed on, fingers crossed they hold.

6.10pm – First try on. Good fit, panic has subsided.

6.11 – Dani swans around. I take photos.

6.19pm – Proof. 10 minutes to be at MSFW for runway show.

6.45pm – Show time!!

… so that was exhausting, but a nice way to convince myself that this is all possible.

Today we’re off to look at some static MSFW exhibitions, then to see a film about Lanvin. Nice.

New things #1

Hi all, it’s the start of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week so I have swapped my work shifts around to be in and around the city for the week – hopefully we’ll get to catch a bunch of shows and exhibitions and films and generally be re-immersed in fashion after a long winter of shop reno’s and hard work.

I’ll be FINALLY adding some new content to the blog too, starting with some shots and info on the Shoe Gallery at the Melbourne Shoe Fair that I was asked to curate. This probably should be on my Steven Phillips site, but that doesn’t exist yet, so you Dead & Buried peeps can have a look instead

I was commissioned by Pronto Productions to curate an exhibition of shoe related photography – but of course I had to overdo it, and instead of just sourcing existing images I decided to get my old pal Albert Comper on the job and had him shoot a bunch of original content which is indicative of what my label’s branding approach will be.


We shot a selection of atmospheric studio shots in the Dead & Buried workshop, Brendan Dwyer’s amazing studio and the always-photogenic Captains of Industry / Roberts & Hassett.


Then we arranged a studio shoot which featured the shoes of Brendan Dwyer, Emma Greenwood, Phong Chi Lai and some AMAZING commercial fashion brand shoes sourced by styist Julia-Louise Premoselli with a day’s notice. She came through with the goods and dropped off shoes from Finsk, Aperlai, Givenchy and Milu to round of the handmade vs. production theme we were going for.


Albert of course killed it when it came to the photos, if ever I had a work ethic and visual style doppleganger it’s him, with a few mumbles and agreeing head nods we got the job done. Too damn easy.


Pronto arranged the printing and install of the actual exhibition so apart from one last-minute late night retouching the images (getting rid of dust and fingerprints etc) it was all pretty simple.


The Shoe Fair has since been and gone, but I hope to add to this collection of images in the coming months and eventually compile them into a book or online exhibition, or something like that.

So thanks for reading, and check back later this week for a virtual tour of our NEW SHOP and expect a bunch of updates to this site over the coming weeks as we upgrade to an online store and all round fashion and craft hub.

If you get a chance, be sure to head to the RMIT student exhibition at Thousand Pound Bend this week to see what the next generation of kids are coming up with (it’s really good.)

Listening to : The Presets today, a bit of doof to help me focus.

August gone too?

Shit god-damn, another month gone, no blogging, not much sleep, not much money, but we’re still at it!

Our shop has been officially soft-launched, we sold some goodies, people came and shared in the fun times, and all in all it was a success. Dani and I are broke, tired and drained at the moment, so with a few weeks of low key activities and some rest we’ll gear up for a proper shop launch party and some serious media hyping.

I am also FINALLY ABOUT TO START MAKING SOME SHOES. It must be 4 or 5 months since I last made anything worth talking about, so it’s wayyy past due. I have all of next week in here and I will make some things and photograph them for you all, a craft blog is no fun without craft.

So, i’ll leave you today with a sneak preview of Audrey’s first collection of handmade shoes she has produced for her RMIT course under my “um, yeah you can probably do it that way, i’m not sure, lets try” style of guidance. I wont say teaching as it’s mostly guess work. Her shoes are cool, they have fluoro leather AND glow in the dark cast resin components! Madness!!

Listening to : The Doors at the moment, iPod shuffler is dj’ing tonight.

Open Studios 2012

Hi all, a bit late notice I know, but our shop will be open to the public this Thursday and Friday from 4pm – 9pm as part of the Nicholas Building Open Studios event!

If I get a chance I’ll log back in here tomorrow and add some more info, or you could just come by and say hi and ask us in person.

> Level 3, Room 10 <

July, been and gone

Howdy all, lots more has been happening in our world, but the most major thing (and the cause for no blog content) is that Dani and I have decided to move house, again. We only rent, so we like to exercise the (only?) luxury that renters have of being able to say “you know what, lets move over there now”.

So with relatively short notice we leased a house in North Melbourne and if any of you have known us for long enough you’ll know that the ol’ 3051 is where I always want to be living, if not in NYC, so we’re pretty excited to be heading back there this week! We have had to DRASTICALLY downsize our life though, moving from 3 bedrooms, living room and and shed to 1 bedroom, 1 living room, no shed has meant we’ve had to recycle, donate, or junk about half of what we were hording at this place. So much useless stuff! If you ever get the chance to do so, go for it, otherwise you’ll end up with piles of junk when you’re old.

We move tomorrow, and will have no home internet for a bit, so the blogging will be quiet again – BUT, after that, I’ll be able to WALK IN AND OUT OF THE CITY, so expect lots more shoe stuff, lots more shop stuff and a lot of general excitement.

I wish I could put all of the following things in to blog posts of their own, but alas, there is no time, so here’s the usual summary of things / new things / good things.

– We are about to soft-launch open our shop this week! We’re part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed festival which involves us opening our doors to interested visitors, so we have had to hurry along the shop reno’s.

– The Nicholas Building open studios nights are coming up too, August 17/18 – we’ll be open and having a bit of a gathering, come on up!

– I have been asked to curate a photographic exhibition of shoes at the upcoming Melbourne Shoe Fair, and in true ‘me’ style, I have amped it up and am now commissioning and styling photographs that celebrate the making and design of shoes, more on that in a few weeks.

– I’m also giving a talk at RMIT in September, so i’ll post details of that soon.

– Dani has launched her new label, goodlyGOLD and it’s going great, lots of orders from Design Made Trade, look her up on the web or Facebook to find out more.

– We have finally completed our hunt for a studio member and are happy to welcome Elise to the gang. She hasn’t graduated yet, but is a bit of a jewellery genius, so we’re excited to have her on board!

… probably more to tell you but i’m running late again! always late! ahhhh.

Back soon. Steve


REPOST #2 : Janina Alleyne

These aren’t my work, but got damn they’re nice…

With my 3D printer currently on a holiday at my cousin’s house (who I should mention STUDIED ROBOTICS at university, why I didnt consult him earlier I’ll never know) hopefully to return in actual working order once he irons out a few issues – I’m looking forward to later this year when instead of reading about cutting edge stuff like this whilst at my office job, I can actually be making it.

I do realise that the ‘entirely printed shoe’ thing is a bit unrealistic and fanciful, the idea of printing and replicating most of the parts of a shoe will mean cost effective outrageous stuff like this will be possible within a few years. Exciting!

Check out this link for more info here :


and here :