Hey Deadfans, both Dani and I have been in holiday-from-the-studio mode over the last week (Easter weekend), so that should explain the lack of posts.

We did manage to revamp the garden, get hayfever, rest, continue with the garden, drink beers, have a family lunch AND make a long overdue visit to my Grandma… but none of that is particularly interesting to the dozens of people who check this site (yearly).

Images sourced from a super special plugin that captures our readers in action via their webcams

One bit of news to note though (just for bragging’s sake) is that our dear pals Tom and Jess are moving to the UK for keeps, and as sad as that is, we take some solace in knowing that the 50 or so pints of Tom’s delicious home brew he left with us will numb the pain nightly for a good few weeks!
Ha ha, hellloooo gout, I’ll be seeing you soon.

So, in lieu of any crafty pictures I am going to put up some more ‘inspiration list’ images that I have here on my computer… No real reason, other than it might get you inspired, or simply let you know a little more about the complicated and conflicting set of tastes and interests I have.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only vintage-amp-and-art-and-cooking-and-ladies-shoes-and-psyche-rock obsessed shoemaker-slash-3d-animator in town…

1. Vintage Amplifiers

I like guitars, I like loud music, I like the 1960s, I like furniture.
Combine all these in one object, and i’m in heaven.

Artist’s Impression of the aforementioned ‘heaven’

Acres of tweed fabric, chrome edges, snake skin vinyl, big dials and even bigger speakers designed to fill dance-halls and stadiums before the dawn of the ‘in house PA system’ … these relics of an era of “too much is never enough” make me all dreamy eyed and sad that I wasn’t born 30 years earlier.

ultratone401a selmertbird7

Images from Grouse Guitars

I have one (and a half) of these beauties and my god is it loud, and big. The kind of thing Hendrix or Sabbath would have used – cranked to “10”.

Jimi Hendrix + pals sending people deaf on NYE in 1969.

I only get to wind mine up to “3” – any louder and Dani comes in and gives me the ‘are you serious?’ look.

DSCN7884-MSS 8414 domino8
That’s my one on the left + genius little 1960s Aussie made one on the right. Image from Grouse Guitars

For those playing at home, mine’s a 100 watt 1969 Guyatone ‘Reverb Rock’.
Japanese made, with the matching 4×12 cab, and a SECOND cab that will eventually be loaded with 2×15’s.

It’s so loud it can make your face fall off.

2. Volkswagens

Not all of them, and defintely not the new 4wd monstrosities they’re making, but my heart was stolen years ago as a boy 0f 17 when I bought my first Type 3 wagon.
This is it after a year or two restoring it (excuse the blurry pre-digital camera era photos)… before it was smashed in to and written off in front of my house while I was in bed asleep. 🙁


This is my second one that I restored hurriedly to replace the first one (shout out to Steve Gilette for offering a month’s free labour in return for home-cooked meals from my mum)


These hint at the direction my next one will take when Dani gets her full licence and I get to buy another stinky, old and unreliable VW to rumble around in.

n644991445_822244_8417 3960775723_22399e1311_b

3. Art

I seem to have a pretty focused field of view when it comes to art I’m in to at any one time. Mainly because I’m looking at it with the intention of creating something similar myself, so although I appreciate the classics I find myself collecting pics and references in more of a scrapbook style for the rare night I get to do some painting.

This is what I have in mind at the moment – so far all I have is black canvases.

Using  a mixture of  Dirk Dzimirsky’s drawing style:
(check that link, these are DRAWINGS and they are amazing.)

trinity Nicole2detail

and/or Shawn Barber’s painting style:

kim-saigh-handstudy-wip3 hussarhands-final

I hope to create a series of paintings that look like this (these are photos from Flickr):

4257576622_5d9256f2c0_o 3725568691_afc075c150_o

… aiming high I know, but why bother if you don’t have lofty ambitions?

I also have a series of images in mind inspired by American Psycho, but I’m not sure if they’ll be paintings or photography yet. More on that later.

4.  Psyche Rock.

Most of these have already shown up in my “listening to” links at the bottom of each post, but if you’re here and in the mood to soak up some sounds that you might not know about (and in my opinion are missing out on) then here’s my top picks from the world of modern Psychedelic Rock – the real 60s stuff needs a post all on its own.


Aussie dudes set to take the world by storm. Perfect sounds, long hair and no shoes.
My favourite band for the last year or so. See them in Melbourne on May 21 at the Forum!


From Sweden, pronounced “doon-yen”. The band that are somehow 10 steps ahead of every other band when it comes to an authentic, melodic, fuzzed out psyche sound. I wish I was in Dungen.


Somehow they managed to write the EXACT album I was going to write, only 5 years before me.


Need to drive somewhere? Need to zone out? Listen to the Black Angels.

So that’s a quick tour of things I’m interested in, other than shoes.
I don’t quite know how this post will help anyone out there, but it might give you all a quick insight into me and show you that not everyone in ‘fashion’ is the same ol’ same old.

Rock on kids, and I’ll be back online next week with something less self-centered!