Hey peoples, another week has passed and as I hoped for, my mood has lifted significantly since last week’s grumpiness. Watching some stuff online, achieving some minor milestones and the cyclical retreat of bad moods/depressive thoughts has put me back in the zone somewhat.

Katia posted this bit of awesome recently and it got me reinvigorated…


I decided that I should get back to the bench and make a pair of shoes this week instead of living in theoretical / design / pricepoint land, in the hope it would spark a bit of “oh yeahhh, thats why I wanted to make shoes”, and it worked.

Although, I will also note that from now on my posts about shoemaking will become a little bit more guarded, not too much, but as my shoes start to really LOOK like what I will be launching as a range, I think it will ruin the suprise for everyone if half finished mockups are on here every 2 days. I’ll still post about the processes, just not the finished shapes and designs as much.

So, here’s some quick pictures from the last week’s worth of work :

working on more resin parts with my trusty new digital scales

seems there is lots of maths involved in designing super-heels.
Note that this geometry is wrong, I was testing out some ideas, the real shoes wont kick up that much at the front (if any shoemakers are out there reading and going “what the hell is he doing?”)

tricky stuff, getting a silicone mould of a locking part, then recasting it in resin. perfect accuracy!

a fresh batch of castings

steamed and pressed insole unit. 100% handmade. With cushioning allowances.

underside of my resin insole unit. Will be neater when I get the 3D printed ones made.

a quick bit of relief casting for some test run ball-of-the-foot soft rubber padding inserts.

… and my newest all-made-in-house shoe! Cant show any pics of it until i’m ready to shoot it properly / or launch the range.
It has a 130mm heel, a 30mm platform, and looks beautiful, look out Kirkwood and Louboutin, I’m on my way.

Listening to : Random songs, getting ready for the road trip to Sydney, burning mix-tape cds for the non-ipod car trip!