Another quick update to the look of our site… again, let me know if it sucks on your computer, or ruins something. It’s been a bit of an adventure learning to design in code rather than on-screen, but I think this one should work ok… it’s based on a theme called Swerve, but with some special Steve trickery and images.
This will be the last change for a while until we get a full super-duper revamp early next year.

The version above is from a suite of typefaces that Simon from Volume 2A has produced for us, ranging from nice and neat to the more broken (and buried) ones like this. We are considering making neon signage, which explains the glowwwww. He is heading overseas and will return soon to work on all of our signage / bags etc,  this is just a taste of what’s to come.

…and just to break up all this text, here’s a photo of Dani’s bowls from the NGV collection she made.

I dont think we ever did a proper feature on these, although I do have an hour or so of footage of her making them, so perhaps I’ll edit up another video for the new website release next year.

Listening to : Deep House mixes, because its almost 2am and it’s too late for Rock n Roll.