Hi dudes and dudettes.  A few exciting things happening in dani m land.

I have a bunch of stock down at your local Fat store- but those cool ladies picked the fattest looking bits and pieces so don’t be disappointed if you can’t find what you’re looking for.   Alice Euphemia still has the biggest range for you.  But don’t forget Craft Victoria for the one-offs and the experimental.

Exciting!  Peeps in North Carlton, listen up.  Dani m now stocking Monk House!  Yippy!  They are lovely lovely ladies down there and have a great selection of Aussie designers.

Hawthorn crew, Maiike Store is a new shop just opened by sisters-in-law Aly and Feride Peel.  Check them out- Maiike has been making cute toys, blankets and scarves from lovely colourful knit fabrics for ages.

New slash not so new stock below….

crystals now on silver chain.

facet balls on chain.

…and facet rings.  best served stacked.