Hey peeps, another week has slipped by with very little crafting involved, but that’s no reason to skip a blog post is it?

In the last 7 days I’ve managed to :

– Research, purchase and test the idea of making plywood/veneer insoles for my high heeled shoes.
The last few pairs I’ve made from 100% leather + a shank seem to be a bit soft and have some twist to them that I don’t like. Dani vouched for this when she wore the black ones for a few hours, she found they moved a bit as she walked (from left to right) which is no good in a 4″ heel. More on this with pics on the weekend.

Buy a bmx off eBay
… and only THEN understand how far away Pakenham is when I had to pick it up. It may as well be in Tasmania.

– Help Dani drop 100 or so bowls off to Northcote Pottery for a large scale kiln firing.
In ‘borrowed’ bread crates. shhh.

– Purchase, pick up and move our Retail Fitout from the now closed Mac Pelican! Woo! Shelves!

– Oh, and FLY TO PERTH  for 2 days at last minute notice.
It was my second ever ‘work trip’ … an action packed visit to some site we’re producing a video about at Squint Opera.
Whilst there we shot hours of digital video (on cool 7D slr’s), walked about 10kms in laps around the cbd and soaked up the sun.
I’ll also do a little post on Perth and what I found there later this week for those interested.

So, a busy week, a tired Steve and so much more work to do.
Off to nerd it up again today and then head to this event tonight :


Stop flooding my record collection is a charity exhibition where artists have created new original covers for jazz records salvaged from the Brisbane floods.

Opening Night: 6pm, Friday May 6 and 10am-3pm May 7/8 at Smiley McSlidey – 124 Nicholson St, Brunswick East, Victoria.

All proceeds go to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.