So much going, not enough time to prep big juicy blog posts!

us this morning, not sure who that guy on the left is, didn’t notice him being there when we took the photo.

Update for today :

1. Spoke to my shoemaker connection, agreed on a price to buy a lifetime of shoemaking equipment, lasts and knowledge (well, as much as I absorb in 6 months)

2. Heading in to the city now to meet the real estate agent, shake hands and measure up our new workshop.

3. Spoke to the bank, wheels in motion to secure a fat loan for a fitout and branding etc.

4. Had coffee with Dani, discussed speedily all the possible collaborations, hookups and fun ideas we can implement when we have a shop

5. Will begin some leather accessories today (iphone cases etc) to stock in the shop for people with a little less cash to spend.

Next up, web redesign, insurance, heaters, artworks, signage, find people to share the space.

We will be looking for 2 other craftspeople who are established and/or serious about their craft to work with us.
$150ish a week rent, we’ll provide desks and machinery. Comes with the oppurtunity to stock in the store if your product suits the vibe.
If you know of any shoemakers, milliners, jewellers, bag / scarf / sock / lingerie makers who might be suitable, or this sounds like you,  please email us at