As you may or may not know, the heart of Dead & Buried has always been our studio space in Melbourne – and so it’s a little weird me blogging about things that I’m doing from our living room in Sydney without a mention now and then of the cool cats who still work from the Nicholas Building and keep our room humming whilst we’re away.

Mid last-year, just before Dani and I moved to Sydney, we signed up our newest studio member, jeweller Megan Webb. She moved in, set up her stuff, installed a bunch of equipment and immediately made it known she was in for the long haul. She has since set up a proper business name/identity and is making her mark by offering truly ethical jewellery, she uses recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible and has some mind-melting hand skills… she literally takes a cube of metal, fucks with it for a few days hammering, rolling, drawing, pulling, filing and soldering and MAKES A GOD DAMNED ENGAGEMENT RING FROM SCRATCH.  Amazing. Well, amazing to hot-glue and MDF hacks like us.

We still have our first ever studio pal in the house – Amber Arizono, who is also a master of metalworking (and just created her first commissioned engagement ring!!) + we now have Elise Sheehan back in the room, eating bananas, keeping Yaz and Megs company and complaining about the cold to no one in particular. Kieren and Sarah are also in and out when time allows…. and that makes us so bummed to not be down there in amongst it all!

At least the spirit of Dead & Buried, making by hand and taking it to the world, is alive and well.

I asked the crew for an update on what’s new in their worlds, so here’s the lowdown for you to click on and add to your bookmarks…

 Elise Sheehan


Elise has just completed the NEIS scheme and is now forced to spend her days acting like a real grown up and like, you know, run a business and that.

tumblr_n7x11iExp01s1yq72o1_500   tumblr_n97jvkmFyR1s1yq72o1_500

 “I’ve finally launched my online store: and rejigged my blog:
I’m working on putting together a range of jewellery and objects for sale while creating innovative studio heating solutions.”


Megan Webb

Megs has been smashing out top notch work, which you can see in all its glory on her Facebook page

or follow her via @mwjeweller on instagram

or check out her brannnnnnd new website :

Here’s a taster of what she’s done recently :

“This up-cycled Rose Cut diamond and 100% recycled 18K white gold engagement ring and wedding band set were designed and hand made for Elisa and Cliff.

DSC04740 DSC04742

 Elisa and Cliff came to me with a budget and an idea in mind and together we came up with this simple yet stunning design. Elisa was certain that she wanted an ethical diamond, and though we can’t be certain of where this 0.23ct beauty originated from, we can be sure that it has experienced a long history before now. 

 DSC04743 DSC04747

Recycling diamonds is a great way of reducing demand for new mining enterprises.

DSC04761-2 DSC04833

Elisa chose a hammered finish for the metal as she was consistently drawn to a more rustic and organic look.
Personally I think the hammered finish complements the slightly asymmetrical facets of the hand cut diamond perfectly!

Engagement and Wedding

The recycled metal used is a Palladium White Gold alloy that does not require Rhodium plating.”

She also made these little beauties last week – if you like ‘em, get in touch with her, they’re for sale!

DSC04971 DSC04975

100% recycled silver, art deco inspired studs

Amber Arizono

Amber has some new bits and bobs on the go and is about to head over to Burning Man, so track her down on social media if you want to experience that from the eyes of a Melbournite.

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She was also featured in this kick-ass filmclip. What a turbo babe.

friendships – GHOST HEAR [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from friendships on Vimeo.

… so that’s what’s been happening in the ol’ room. Unfortunately I dont think anyone is participating in the Nicholas Building Open Studios this year as the place is a bit of a mess, but if you’re there and you want to see any of these ladies, just knock and ask!