“…Here’s hoping May doesn’t suck as much as April.”

You know what? IT DIDN’T SUCK AS MUCH AS APRIL. Yessssss.

Team Dead & Buried was a bit all over the place during May – Elise moved out, Katia moved out (both because they were handed free studio spaces and that’s hard to beat in this economy) and we will miss them both immensely. Karlee moved in, then got offered a studio of her own almost next door to us after being on the waiting list at the Nicholas Building for almost a year, so she’s moving out too…

…how is this all not sucky bad news you ask? Well, for a starter we just handed some keys to Megan Webb who will be our new studio buddy, and we’ve been talking to a few other people about the last space available.

But the mood lifting has been mostly due to me being offered one of those once-in-a-lifetime jobs that came at EXACTLY the right time, and thus has lifted our spirits no end. I’m now out of the 3D rendering industry and am working 5 days a week in Sydney at a User Experience Design firm called Neo, run by my old best pal Michelle – who you might remember I made some green wedding shoes for last year.

^ that’s my new boss. What a babe/boss.

Her business has gone bananas and she’s hooked me up with a sweeeeet package to entice me to get on board. It’s been years since I was employed as an actual “designer” so it’s great to be back drawing, thinking and generally getting paid to have an opinion on everything, like I do naturally. This has removed the cloudy fog that was my future last month, and has given Dani and I some things to do / plan / save / setup for.

The renewed plan is for me to work 5 days and earn some respectable cash for the first time in maybe 8 years, and that will allow both of us to invest in some helpers and manufacturers to get our brands off the ground without it taking another 3 years of manual labour.

…something like this?

Dani M Designs and goodlyGOLD are in the process of getting a web-overhaul = new sites, new online stores, and I have a 2 stage process planned to get some ACTUAL SHOES MADE AND FOR SALE FOR GOD DAMN ONCE. More on that next month, but it’s pretty exciting.

We’ll be keeping the studio space humming over the next few months whilst I travel up and back, and then maybe… maybe… we’ll move to Sydney for a year, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and we definitely wont be giving up our studio, we’ll just get a few more people in and fly back and forward like design jetsetters.

So, I’m in a hotel room now using their wifi and am planning an evening of blog trawling to gather some references for a new fashion label / shoe thing that is in the works, and also doing some sums to make sure I can deliver 3D printed visors to Christina Exie’s customers if they happen to order any! Eeek.

image from http://www.colourmedang.com/

Anyhoot, that’s the news in brief for anyone reading. There’ll be more to see this year now that we have a plan (and will soon have helpers to blog about things on our behalf) so lets all hope for D&B to return to it’s glory days of weekly 40+ photo posts!!

Madeline, if you’re reading this its been a year since you were here! What. The. Fuck. That’s too long. Come back for a visit.

Listening to : Goat, Cashmere Cat, Gucci Mane. over and over and over.