Hello Dead & Buried followers… it’s been a while since we spoke, and that is all my fault.

Our pop up shop has been a success so far, and we genuinely haven’t had time to blog about any of the crazy things that have gone on in the last month. I’ll stick to a summary of the events as per usual, as I’m sure anyone who REALLY wants to hear every detail will have either asked us in person, or will send us an email asking for the big rundown.

So, since the pre-opening night panic that I blogged about last :

– We cleaned the entire studio top to tail, as it resembled a 16 year old boy’s bedroom with clothes, food wrappers and magazines strewn all over the place (< first time i’ve ever typed “strewn”, now that’s two) with some super help from Jen and James.

– We hosted the biggest in-studio event since our post-wedding party in Carlow House – the pop up opening – and it was GREAT. I’d say 80+ people showed up, we sold lots of things, we gave away lots of beer, we showcased some wine from the great people at Port Phillip Estate Winery who gave us a discount on their Shiraz that was indeed too good to be giving away at an opening, we mingled, we high fived people, we eventually left and ate dinner at the Supper Inn.  A total success.

– Then we began trading, and Dani worked on hurriedly making new things to replace the huge amount of stuff she sold in Sydney.

– I manned the shop a few times, and it gave me a mini meltdown, Eftpos machine keeps failing on us. I get stressed.

– Our pal Rochelle manned the shop for a day while we attended the wedding of Michelle and Wilde (see shoe images below)

– Dani had a stall at the Harvest Textiles Market, sold pretty much all of her stock again… sheesh.

– We got a mention in a Michi Girl mailout and an article about us in Broadsheet (thanks Tilly!) and that resulted in a pretty busy day of people coming in for the ‘must have’ tea towel of the season. Nick’s “Let Them Fucking Drip Dry” classic.

… and now we’re in here on a relatively quiet day, doing admin, shuffling papers, and blog updating.

So, thanks for your support Melbourne, it has been wonderfully uplifting to see so many great handmade things wander out our door and know that they’ll be brightening someone’s christmas much more than a gift voucher would.


As a final teaser / treat, here are a few pics of the final design of the wedding shoes I made.

I will definitely do a full making-of post in a week or so, when I get all the photos off my iPhone and whatever other cameras I used in the madness of the last month.

The uppers are made from leather and Italian Silk, that I dyed and crushed to the teal-ish colour we decided on. It was hard work, and made them a whole lot harder to make, but it proved worth it in the end.

The design stemmed from the dress, it had a ‘vintage’ feel to it, 50s era, and had pleating around the bodice, but Michelle is a pretty modern gal, so I came up with something that felt modern in it’s silhouette, but vintage in it’s detailing.

Have a Merry Christmas, and we’ll be back in 2012 for the BEST DAMN YEAR EVER.

Steve + Dani