Hey people, 9 days and no posts? tsk tsk.

Apologies again for the lack of exciting news, but after the last big deadline I retreated in to the house to get some admin and freelance nerd work done – to replenish the always empty bank account!

The only real shoe news for this week is that I managed to bid on and win an old Fortuna Skiver at a Lockwood auction in Ballarat last week. The Parker Leather workshop there was closing / moving to Thomastown so they had a variety of sewing machines and general workshop fitting for sale. So after a few practice bids on some lower priced items to get my poker face on I managed to lock down the skiver, pay in cash and have it (awkwardly and single handedly) loaded in to the Camry within an hour.

(Janine, if you’re reading this I ended up paying exactly the same as you did when gst etc was included.)

Here it is. Hopefully nothing on there that can’t be restored with some WD40 and black paint.
Laminex is a bit stuffed though, so I might need to get something sexier there.

I then had to reconfigure the shed AGAIN to fit in another big bit of machinery, but i’m sure I’ll be much better off for it… and those of you with keen eyes out there can rest easy that my edges will now be rolled and smoothed instead of ‘intentionally’ ragged and lumpy.

So, no news other than that.
I have lots on my plate as usual so as soon as the leather starts to fly out there I’ll be snapping photos and keeping you informed.

Listening to : Wu Tang albums and Shellac’s “1000 Hurts” a lot lately for some reason.

ps. It seems I need to make more gifs to keep up with the visual insanity that goes on over at DI$COUNT.
ahhh! my eyes! Those girls are bananas.