Dani and I have returned safely from another whirlwind trip to Sydney and would like to say a BIG thankyou to the Sydney shoppers for giving us a big boost by buying most of the stuff we had on sale. Although we cant complain about selling lots, it does mean we have less Dani M stock to fill the Quick and the Dead shop with on Day #1 , but never fear, she is hard at work making more as I type this…

It was a crazy 48 hours, flying up, arriving at our hostel accommodation (sydney was totally booked out hotel wise), finding out we were assigned separate shared dorm rooms, not sleeping much due to us being in noisy rooms of strangers, setting up the cardboard stall that our pal Michael Hili made for us – more on that in another post – and then the market began…. no stop market trading for 2 days …. packed up at 5:10pm, arrived at the airport at 5:45pm, flew back to melbourne, caught a taxi and a train home, and ate a pizza.

So we have 4 days now to add extra stock to the shop, and to organise a PARTY! wooooo.

Wednesday night, be here or be square.
Dead & Buried’s first in-house launch event.
Full details will be online asap, but just assume it’s 6-8pm, here, in the Nicholas Building.
Beers are on us.

Off to work, what better way is there to spend a Sunday?

Listening to – Sweet Apples + Witch  … J Mascis is on a roll with his new bands!