Dani here.  Thought I’d show you all some side projects I’ve been working on.

Firstly, I work at Craft Victoria, a gallery and shop for good quality craft.  For those of you not in the know, its hard to explain ‘good’ craft almost doesn’t look hand made.  Its so well made that, yeah, you can ‘see’ its handmade, but its also well designed and overall a beautiful object.  Craft for me IS NOT just about the technique and skill involved to make it…without design and a good eye, craft can just look plain ol’ ugly.  We don’t do ugly craft at Craft Victoria.

So, Craft Victoria turned 40 this year.  To celebrate, two local artist/craft peeps, the lovely Dell Stewart and her man Adam Cruickshank designed a tote bag.

A comp was run for the best customised tote…this here, is my entry- and yay, I won runner up!  I never win stuff.  NEVER

Craft Queen Pene Durston won with her amazing entry.  Check them all out here.

image 11

Secondly, Liz Wilson, asked some of the girls at CV to contribute to the Patchwork Project.  Liz has a cute blog that i check a couple of times a week (keep it up Liz).  Anyway, the idea is to give crafties a piece of fabric and ask them to create a patch using it.  The finished quilt gets raffled off and money is raised for different charities.

So, I say yes, sure, no worries.  I was genuinely excited.  Only, I don’t sew so well.  How hard can a patch be I ask myself?  Well, hard when no sewing machines can be used.  Ahh, I haven’t sewn anything by hand since year 9!  That’s half my life ago.

For weeks I avoided it.  What the hell am I going to do??  And finding out all the talented peeps on the bill, I freaked out.  Time was running out- I was not going to back out- that’s one thing my Dad drilled into me as a kid- don’t be a flake.

I power walked up to Tessuti Fabrics on my lunch break and grabbed what I could.  It would be impossible to walk away without a crap load of beautiful fabrics- they were sent from heaven I’m sure.  And…they have an online shop so everyone can experience the joy of Tessuti!

the fabricthe fabric

fabricsmy selection

patch1my design



in the makingin the making

stichingmy hand sewing efforts

I will upload an image of the finished patch in the next few days…if all goes well.