So much happening lately, no time to blog as usual.

Madeline arrived safe and sound from the USA, she is awesome.
We have inducted her in to the Dead & Buried gang – she has her own key – and we have been making shoes, heading out to galleries and openings and she has been off interviewing Melbourne fashion people. Hello to anyone from Virginia reading this, we will be sending her back with a bag full of goodies from Dani’s desk and at least one pair of hand made shoes.

The shop is now 90% done, just a few details to iron out and then we fill it up with stock and open the doors around the first week of July. YESSSSSSSS.

Shoes are in all sorts of stages of completion, no photos because I keep leaving the damn camera at home. Will take some soon.

We still need another studio member… ^^^^^^^ KNOW ANYONE GOOD? TELL THEM TO CALL US.

Back with photos and shoes and photos and jokes later in the week.

ps. I’m on Pinterest now posting pics of girls, shoes and art. Look me up >  Steven Phillips.