Finally, a full day with no interruptions to get some quality shoe time… and with some nice results to show!
On a recent trip to Lefflers I bought some perforated leather with no real intentions for it, and have decided to use it on to make a pair of stylin’ cool-breeze catchin’ summer shoes for Dani.


As you can see, the perforated colour matched up nicely with a glossy kid hide that I had, so these ones pretty much designed themselves.
After some pattern making, trial fitting and a few mistakes yesterday, I started today with a clear plan and managed to (slowly) get a lot done.


Here’s the major pieces during assembly – this is the first time I have attempted a full lining/upper construction, but I got my head around it eventually.

Pictured also is the trusty Pfaff 30 workhorse that actually belongs to my pal Tom. He bought it, I borrowed it, and have been using it ever since. I should get my own, but I’m going to wait until I come across a post arm shoemaking one, so for now its lo-fi all the way for me.
I’ve learned that turning the wheel by hand = infinitely better sewing, so I’m also being kind to the environment by not plugging it in any more.
The ashtray is for bent nails. I dont smoke at my desk. Hi mum.

The aformentioned sewing. Hermes eat your heart out!

IMG_9233 IMG_9228
Seeing as fitting a fat leather lining would cancel out the cool-breeze perforations to some extent, I went for a 100% cotton lining in the front, which is an idea I stole off James, who got it from a vintage pair of shoes he cut open.

IMG_9234 IMG_9237
I finished off my afternoon with the uppers all sewn up, ready for lace holes + lasting tomorrow night if i get a chance.
… although I couldn’t resist the chance to do a quick masking taped mockup to see how it all looks…

(Just use your imagination to see them with laces and a sole)

I have already warned Dani that these are going well and may turn out so nice that they will be Sunday best shoes, no kicking around the studio in these ones.

Thanks for reading, and to answer the most commonly asked question I get these days :
It will be a while before I ‘open for business’. Once I think my work is perfect, then I’ll let people know.
I have no need to rush into a new career, so I’ll only jump ship when I think I’m better at shoe making than I am at being a computer nerd.

Listening to : Tame Impala – Sundown Syndrome
These dudes are killing me with how good their songs are.