Here begins a long-assed bunch of posts covering the last week of our lives which seems to have been a goldmine for blog-worthy events!
If you are reading this somewhere other than the top of the front page, then the ‘bunch’ of posts i’m talking about are ABOVE this one… get it?

First up is the helmet that I made for our pal Kate’s 30th birthday on the weekend.
As I mentioned earlier, my partner in crime was Troy, who previously knocked up a whole Transformers costume in a few evenings – and when that sort of precedent is coupled with our long term design/sketching/star wars knowledge rivalry I had to pull out all the stops to not look like the lame one of team…DAFT PUNK.

If you have no idea who Daft Punk are, or what their helmets are all about then this post will be much less exciting than if you’re in the know. They’re a French electronic music act… check this out for some education.
On that note, this post is dedicated to Dan Bronsema, who can borrow the finished helmet to when he gets back from the USA if he wants it… I’m sure he’ll find many reasons to wear it. Hi Brons!

daft punk 34885_445228156759_640711759_6456921_4137392_n
real^…… home made >

Rather than talk you through the whole process (as it won’t be very useful unless you are about make one yourself) here are some craft-o-rama pics for you to check out.

Note the liberal use of masking tape… now think to yourself how much masking tape stinks… then imagine the charming odour that exists inside this helmet. Mmmm… adhesive-y.

first up was some google image searching,  a quick scale drawing + printout…

next i went bananas with the masking tape + cardboard, covering Dani’s bike helmet….


…skipping a step (oops, no photos) we arrive here, first layer of paper mache + a coat of  paint…

after some sanding + more refined cardboard action + coke cans, we’re ready for more mache.
Note the addition of some breathing / seeing holes which were grossly undersized.

It’s all in the details… so a few wires glued on the back give a proper Daft Punk robot-y feel…

a bit more paper mache, some more sanding and a coat of paint and we’re here already!

I decided to skip the glossy dome and go for a more breathable solution.
So now we have a stocking spray adhesived over the black dome area, covering the eye / air holes.

IMG_0742 IMG_0743
… and there you have it! about 5 hours work + drying time = Daft Punk helmet. Bam.
Being a member of old-grungey generation X, not iPhone-loving Y, I have trouble taking those MySpace style photos of myself…
it just doesn’t come naturally and so when you add that to a helmet with no visibility = about 10 photos like this on my camera :

IMG_0753 5
nope…………………worse………………nope………………..seriously?………….oh f*ck it…………there we go……

Troy left his until the last moment, and still managed to come up with the goods! His helmet featured a tinted visor that provided a complete view of the party – as compared to the tiny slits in mine that left me seeing nothing but other people’s eyes.

35264_445228801759_640711759_6456940_7423478_n 35317_445233291759_640711759_6457034_7464796_n 34885_445228156759_640711759_6456921_4137392_n
… all in all a successful endeavor.
My latino-lover moustache was added as the party got hotter and helmets were un-workable.
Note the sly appearance of Dani ‘Kurt Cobain’ M in the left pic there… being all grunge and moody.
Johanna ‘Courtney Love’ Law was probably outside looking for the paparazzi.

We managed to rock the helmets for a good chunk of the party, even a sting on the dancefloor, with a few breathers for beer and fresh air, and I’m proud to say I also managed to combine designated-driver soberness with an awkward hot helmet AND karaoke when I performed Soul to Squeeze by the Red Hot Chili Peppers WITH THE HELMET ON and a microphone jammed inside… fun times!
High fives to Goose for getting me up there early in the party… non-drunk… to sing November Rain … 7 minutes of epic karaoke power.

here’s the only photo I’ve been able to secure of us there…. during some robot down-time.

Being the forward thinker I am I managed to build it so that I can remove Dani’s helmet with zero damage to the outer skin so now we have a big gold bit of junk to put on display somewhere!
Email me if you ever want to borrow a winner dress up costume…

Listening to : the heater whirring away here in the cold spare room…