Hey kids, today I’m proud to announce that the first pair of Steven Phillips handmade heels made the ‘scene’ last night when Dani wore my prototype pair #002 to the Penthouse Mouse opening!

It seems a real deadline is all it takes for me to pull out the stops and get something completed – when I realised that I was 90% done on these yesterday afternoon I suggested to Dani that it might be cool to have her wearing them in a room full of pretty much every fashionista in Melbourne town. She liked the idea (although she hates wearing heels and even my cork and foam filled softies still got some complaints after a few hours of standing around on concrete) and rocked them like a total demon with RED TIGHTS, yep, fuckin’ cool.

So, here are some photos of them being finished on the bench, and a couple of them from their new home, a plinth we had left over from Dani’s last arty exhibition which is now on display in our lounge room.

cork platform construction from 3mm sheet…

cork, glued, shaped, sanded.

platforms, wrapped and foam sheet added for a little more bulk / softness

platforms all attached… showing the beginnings of a YSL Tribute style inset platform detail.

Laser cut heels, ready for wrapping.

Again, my outer sole is a bit ‘raw’, but I don’t have a decent belt sander to finish them properly… I am aware though, and will be sanding, lacquering and foil embossing my soles for production models.

… from here they went straight into a box and into the car to go meet Dani….

back home, safe and sound and on display.

Sock detail, and red interior (still need to do some work on cleaning up my glued edges)
My sewing machine was also dropping stitches a lot on these, I think my needle was blunt.

mmmm… Dior-like buckles. Hard work to make, but they step the ‘luxury’ vibeĀ  up so many levels!
They are functional too, there is some elastic in the middle area, but the buckles really strap you in.

If I can I’ll see if can get a photo of her with the tights on too, or see if one of the 4,000 faux-sartorialist photographers there last night has a shot on their blog.

Happy days indeed. I also met a girl called Jane who is looking to work with Cambodian villagers to bring their fabrics into the fashion marketplace, so that may prove to be a handy link for me (or anyone else reading this) in the future. Email me if you want any more info.

Anyhoot, off to the shed now to start proto #003, only the next few will be less adventurous in materials selection and more focused on finish, construction and details.

Listening to – A whole bunch of songs that I slowed to half-speed.
Seems I have discovered a new type of “heavy” music… everything sounds brutal that slow and low.