Behind every great man is a great woman, and that is definitely the truth around here. In the weird world we live in it’s never Dani OR Steve that are busy, its always Dani AND Steve that are busy… we dont take holidays. We really should.

So, in the last 6 months Dani has had plenty of wins of her own, here’s a quick rundown…

The super cool blog Babes in the Woods popped in to our studio on one of Dani’s Melbourne trips and managed to get the lowdown on her makeup and hair routine

Photo: Nadiah Abdulrahim

She also got totally featured on the creative crew website The Bonafide Bedfellows when we lived at our last house. (Sydney on a sunny day makes everyone’s spare bedroom look like a dreamy studio space…)

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.38.57 pm

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.43.58 pm

As for the work she has been CHURNING out, there was the collaboration with Phoenix Keating on the jewellery for his most recent collection La Diosa de Oro

She also managed to squeeze out a new collection… you know, in her spare time.

Since moving up here she has taken on board the style and vibes of the cool girls up here, and tailored a collection to (hopefully) still speak to her Melbourne customer base, whilst also drawing in a few more northerners…
The collection is called The Longest Time and was officially launched via Yen Magazine here :

Here’s the lookbook – check Dani’s website for prices.

Dani and I masterminded the creative direction and whipped up the flatlay images.

We were lucky enough to get to work with Mali Koopman, a new jawdropping model at Chic, and the shoot was produced with the help of the girls at OMGfive.
It was shot by Natalia Parsonson and styled by Tanya Levak.