The Quick and The Dead II – now open!!


It seems that in amongst all the shop opening admin we’ve been up to lately I forgot to update this here website with some pretty important information… Our pop up shop is open again!!

We had a mini launch party a week or so ago and now we’re open every Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm from now until Christmas. As with last year’s store we have LOADS of under-$100 goodies for christmas gifts, as well as a bunch of more high-end fashion things for you to buy for yourself.

The pop up site is here > < and it has a link to our online store, shop from home!

Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far, it’s been a great start and we’re only 2 weeks in.

Sunday Shoot

Ah, the irony…. “Lazy Sunday Afternoon” by the Small Faces playing on the iPod RIGHT NOW, and what are we doing? Anything but being lazy.

Today Dani and I set up and shot all of the products currently in our store for the imminent launch of our online store! That’s right, if you’re :

  1. Not in Melbourne
  2. Stuck at home with a case of laziness and/or illness
  3. Scared of the lift in the Nicholas Building and not fit enough for the stairs

You can soon purchase whatever we have up for sale from the comfort of your home (or your iPad whilst stuck in traffic). The wonders of modern life.

It took a good 4 hours, but we have come to terms with the fact that it’s just how we are. We COULD work more hours somewhere else and then pay a photographer, or we could zip to the art store, buy some stuff and get shooting. So keep a lookout for some website changes (again) and a new click-n-buy store in the coming weeks.

Oh, and if you like photos of things, follow us on Instagram @deadandburied! Then you’ll get the inside scoop on everything we do.

Listening to : the drama students in the studio next door primal yelling at full volume. It’s pretty funny.

Open Studios 2012

Hi all, a bit late notice I know, but our shop will be open to the public this Thursday and Friday from 4pm – 9pm as part of the Nicholas Building Open Studios event!

If I get a chance I’ll log back in here tomorrow and add some more info, or you could just come by and say hi and ask us in person.

> Level 3, Room 10 <

Now with added PHOTOS


Hey hey, back again with a blog post for the first time in ages that actually has some damn photos to accompany it. I know how boring text-only blogs can be, so I’m sorry for taking this long to remember to carry the camera in and snap a few shots of what is going on. Admittedly they’re still not the making-shoes-with-tools-and-sewing or ceramic-techniques photos that most of you prefer, but these will have to do.


First up we have some pics of the shop in it’s newest incarnation, after fretting over what our USP would be, what we’d be selling, why we’re selling it etc, Dani and I came to the conclusion that art, craft and colour are the main themes that will sum up Dead & Buried Version 1, so we assigned our newly finished wall to the status of “art wall” and I took the challenge up to do the first floor-to-ceiling paint job.
After a TERRIBLE start that looked like a combination between a mexican restaurant and a gay pride parade (bad move using primary colours) I started again with a pastels and fluro idea that is looooosely based on a bouquet of flowers image, distorted and abstracted.

At this stage Dani noted that I seemed happier than I had in quite a while, and she was right, making art, particularly on this scale is totally AWESOME.

I think we might also get high res photos of each of the artworks we have done and use them to make some texile products for the shop? Scarves? Pillows? Stuff like that.

… and voila, there you go, one new shop, shelves set up, floor repainted, mural 90% done (there is some more to add when I get the mood back again) and stock starting to arrive!

2. Dani has been making new things for the shop and for a new brand she is going to launch. This stuff will be more affordable and a little more ‘trend driven’ so keep your eye out for launch details and photos soon!

3. She has also been pinch potting like a demon and managed to make all of these goodies in a few weeks for stocking at Craft Vic and Five Boroughs etc.

Mini plant pots!

Plates and cups!

4. I’ve been making Boots! They are colourful!

In preparation for the new hyper-coloured shop opening I’ve been making up some desert boots that will be available only from us, for a limited time, in limited numbers. They’ll be about $300 a pair and will be HANDMADE to order in colourful suede. More on them in the coming weeks.

Suedes, most of which I’ll be offering, with specific laces for each colour.

fully graded patterns for all the sizes I can make (for now)

Tools and doodads…

The cramped workspace now that both Madeline and I have been trying to work in there… making it very obvious that I need a new layout if I have an assistant at any stage.

…. and a quick picture of Madeline WEARING HER FIRST PAIR OF SHOES. Bam, she totally made them all herself (from a my pattern), with me hovering over her shoulder making suggestions. I am very impressed, she is ace.


5. Bonfire!

… lastly, a few pics from our family get together bonfire in central Victoria earlier this month, because they look nice.
(Hili, we missed you, please come back for the next one)

we took the camera up to scout some locations for a possible jewellery photo shoot…

… and arriving at 5pm = golden hour = everything looks spectacular.

Dani getting warmed by the pre-fire / marshmallow fire…..

THE REAL DEAL BONFIRE. Masssssiiivvvve.

James standing in front of it as it was being lit… it burned until about 4am
… I think, by then I was too drunk to actually see if it was alight any more (oops).

Gotta go, Emily Green is having a launch tonight with the TACO truck there…. get down if you can!

13 Morey Street, Armadale

Listening to  : Om, and eagerly awaiting their new album next month! Woooo.

Dang. 3 weeks already?

It must be the winter months, as weeks are just ticking by and we’ve neglected this ol’ blog. To be honest with you all though, Dani and I are bogged down in work due to us somewhat over-committing on hmmm, EVERY aspect of our lives and thus running almost completely out of money.
A word of warning to people starting small businesses – you run out of money, a lot. If you are silly enough to have a partner / husband / wife / lover who is also a craftsperson slash small businessperson, you will definitely run out of money all the time, every month. Unless you have rich parents or win the lotto, but that is another story.

So, I’d like to type more and upload photos, but I have work to do, so until then, here’s the lowdown :

We are repainting our shop and hope to re-open it in June with a masssssiiiivvvvveeee party.

I made some shoes last week for Russh magazine (woo hoo) but will save the making-of pics until a little later.

On that same topic (the shoes I made were desert boots) I am now in the process of designing out a range of super colourful wintery desert boots to start making asap as a bridge-the-gap collection before I launch my high heel ridiculousness. More on that next week.

Um, I’ve also been helping Audrey make shoes, that’s been fun, she has crazy ideas and I like the challenge of making them happen. Bring it on.

Oh, and both Dani and Emily from our studio will be at MarkIt this weekend – so come on down! Brave the cold! Get some mad cheap jewelleries.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by, and get ready to ‘get your spend on’ when we open the shop next month.
Support local trade, yadda yadda… just come in for a visit, we like visitors.

Things to note

1. Dani and I have BOTH HAD THE FLU all week and productivity dropped to pretty much zero for the entire week. So, not making excuses or anything, but that sucked.

2. I finally got my ass back in to gear yesterday and made a new silicon mould of an insole I formed from Veg Tan and lacquered… then today I made my first plastic insole / shankboard replacement. It seems to have worked, but I might need some firmer plastic or some sort of shank / spine in there. Will investigate further asap, whilst trying to minimise how many times I have to make $40 silicon moulds as practice runs.

2b. I have photos of this process for you all, but I left the flippin’ camera cable at the studio, so no pics for tonight. Daaaaang. Tomorrow?

3. I also managed to get my first super-super-low-resolution 3D scan happening! Woop. Using a laser-leveller, a crap webcam (new HD one from eBay on it’s way), some acetate, a texta (no printer here, had to trace things off the computer screen – that’s how low-tech it can get around here) and that David3D software I mentioned earlier I got this bit of crap to show up on the screen. Nothing useful, but a good “proof of concept”.

4. Dani thinks I have been saying “proof of concept” too much lately. Perhaps she is right.

5. I picked up the final 5 pairs of lasts this week in amongst my sickness, so I now have a full size run of 3.5″ heeled lasts. One less excuse off the list!


So, this week I’m back at computer job, but I have a set list of tasks to get on with now. Namely, refine plastic insole, refine heel > insole attachment design, cast a set of matching left / right components and FINALLY make a damned pair of heels that I know I can replicate without having to involve a supplier who is likely to tell me they “don’t sell that particular product any more”.

There is a spark of excitement fizzing back in to life in me.
It’s been a while, but watching fashion shows, meeting some great people during fashion week, meeting fashion students and recent graduates who are full of ideas and initiative (giving me some hope for the future) and re-reading my McQueen books has me recharged.

We’re going to open our shop up again within a month, so that will mean a renewed focus on blogging, photos, and lots more making now that the post-christmas slump is over.
Oh, and of course seeing a studio full of people doing top notch work is always good!! This week, studio crew profiles, I promise.

Listening to : Pond – Beard, Wives, Denim.   Perth does it again.



It’s been so long…

Hello Dead & Buried followers… it’s been a while since we spoke, and that is all my fault.

Our pop up shop has been a success so far, and we genuinely haven’t had time to blog about any of the crazy things that have gone on in the last month. I’ll stick to a summary of the events as per usual, as I’m sure anyone who REALLY wants to hear every detail will have either asked us in person, or will send us an email asking for the big rundown.

So, since the pre-opening night panic that I blogged about last :

– We cleaned the entire studio top to tail, as it resembled a 16 year old boy’s bedroom with clothes, food wrappers and magazines strewn all over the place (< first time i’ve ever typed “strewn”, now that’s two) with some super help from Jen and James.

– We hosted the biggest in-studio event since our post-wedding party in Carlow House – the pop up opening – and it was GREAT. I’d say 80+ people showed up, we sold lots of things, we gave away lots of beer, we showcased some wine from the great people at Port Phillip Estate Winery who gave us a discount on their Shiraz that was indeed too good to be giving away at an opening, we mingled, we high fived people, we eventually left and ate dinner at the Supper Inn.  A total success.

– Then we began trading, and Dani worked on hurriedly making new things to replace the huge amount of stuff she sold in Sydney.

– I manned the shop a few times, and it gave me a mini meltdown, Eftpos machine keeps failing on us. I get stressed.

– Our pal Rochelle manned the shop for a day while we attended the wedding of Michelle and Wilde (see shoe images below)

– Dani had a stall at the Harvest Textiles Market, sold pretty much all of her stock again… sheesh.

– We got a mention in a Michi Girl mailout and an article about us in Broadsheet (thanks Tilly!) and that resulted in a pretty busy day of people coming in for the ‘must have’ tea towel of the season. Nick’s “Let Them Fucking Drip Dry” classic.

… and now we’re in here on a relatively quiet day, doing admin, shuffling papers, and blog updating.

So, thanks for your support Melbourne, it has been wonderfully uplifting to see so many great handmade things wander out our door and know that they’ll be brightening someone’s christmas much more than a gift voucher would.


As a final teaser / treat, here are a few pics of the final design of the wedding shoes I made.

I will definitely do a full making-of post in a week or so, when I get all the photos off my iPhone and whatever other cameras I used in the madness of the last month.

The uppers are made from leather and Italian Silk, that I dyed and crushed to the teal-ish colour we decided on. It was hard work, and made them a whole lot harder to make, but it proved worth it in the end.

The design stemmed from the dress, it had a ‘vintage’ feel to it, 50s era, and had pleating around the bodice, but Michelle is a pretty modern gal, so I came up with something that felt modern in it’s silhouette, but vintage in it’s detailing.

Have a Merry Christmas, and we’ll be back in 2012 for the BEST DAMN YEAR EVER.

Steve + Dani


It’s time to announce the name and dates etc for our first ever retail trading experience!

As of December 1st 2011 the Dead & Buried retail showroom will be converted into a short term pop-up shop called THE QUICK AND THE DEAD featuring handmade goods from Dani and I, crafty objects, jewellery and clothing from a bunch of our friends, illustrations and books (and offensive merchandise) from Nick at Turd Circus, and some limited edition one-of-a-kind framed artworks from Melbourne’s coolest kids.
Note that the participants listed above are from a work-in-progress version of the flyer… there are more, lots more.

The 1st will be a soft launch of sorts, with not much ceremony as we have to fly out that evening to Sydney for the Finders Keepers Market.

We will return though to launch the whole shabang with a mini-party on December the 7th (Wednesday) and we will be open for business steadily from then through til January some time. I’ll put up launch party info next week  (when we decide what it is) so relax, there’s no VIP list yet… and if there was one, you’d be on it.

We have an UNGODLY amount of things to do in the next 10 days, so please, be kind.
If you’re in the area and have a spare coffee, bring it up.

See you soon!

Listening to : Mad Decent podcasts

Finally! Some more photos

Thanks for hanging in there people, I know it’s been a while between posts but you know,we’ve been busy, reeeeeeal busy.

So, without further ado, here are some photos of the almost-ready-to-work-from DEAD + BURIED WORKSHOP!!!!
(some of these are a bit blurry, sigh, seems I should have taken the tripod or used a flash, oh well)

view from the kitchen… new desks, restored desks, and our ‘machine shop’ with perspex window

super sized clock from eBay. Dirty window. Lamp.

the view back toward the shop (unfinished), showing our newly clad wall and the couch.

Dani has started working already……. I’m jealous.

Shoe lasts being sorted into styles and sizes… lots to choose from now!

We have all the desks in situ now, most of our walls sorted, kitchen sorted, machine shop semi equipped and sexy up-lighting plugged in and ready to go. There are still about a dozen things-to-do on the list, but on the whole we’re ready to start working from our little kingdom as of this week. We have an advertisement pending on Creative Spaces and will hit up the social media universe later this week in the hunt for 2 perfect studio pals (or 4 if we have to do a part time share thing)

Again, if you’re reading this and know of a fashion-oriented jeweller or two who is looking for a space, get them to EMAIL US!!
We want to find people we’d love to work with rather than just have to offer the spaces to any ol’ person because we’re strapped for cash.

On the shoemaking front, I have been back at the drawing desk starting to flesh out some ideas, and am being all proactive and FLYING up to Sydney next week on a whim to look at some suppliers up there… the few down here in Melbourne are leaving me a little underwhelmed. Hopefully I return with a bag full of goodies and a head full of inspiration!

Listening to : R Kelly – My Best Friend (and the rest of the Double Up album)
* he is the master of the long winded, curse laden, R & B story rap song.

Week 2 update

Howdy all, what a fortnight it’s been! Not much sleep, lots of lifting, painting, cutting and dragging stuff around… but we’re almost in.

There isn’t much of a story to tell about the move, it went ok, we got rained on, people helped out, we ate pizza…just a regular moving in story I guess. So rather than rattle on with words, I’ll upload some pics from my iPhone that I’ve been snapping along the way to try to document the formation of d+b as much as I can.

beautiful reclaimed flooring from Urban Salvage + Blackbutt planks for the jewellers desks.

some of the 108 tongue and groove shelves we cut up…

a whole pile of shelf supports that Dani drilled and countersunk

the big moving night… Dani staining the shelves indoors, Nick unloading the truck in the rain.

Some of the bounty I have purchased from Dennis… like a pirate’s treasure!

A bit more… so many lasts, and these are JUST THE WOMEN’S LASTS! more men’s at home.

Jewellers desk #1. With a few areas left ambiguous so Dani can work out what works best.

The new room as it stands today. Messy, awkward, but filling up fast!

… and before I go, I should remind you all to drop in to the Design Made Trade show at the exhibition buildings today or tomorrow. Lots of local talent on display, including a whole bunch of Craft Victoria superstar crafters showing their wares and working on site – you can even see Emma Greenwood lasting up some shoes right there in front of you! I’ll be there this afternoon as a tourist, so say hi.

Listening to : Wu Tang!! 36 Chambers of phat beats.