Spring is here!

Well,  for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere it is… to all you northerners, we’re sending winter your way, it’s our turn to soak up that sun, fire up the bbq and complain about the heat.

I would truly love to have something exciting, or crafty, or just interesting to offer to the slowly increasing number of you who check in here but unfortunately I am now in week 3, or maybe 4, of my 6-day-a-week workload at my other “part time” job. We delivered the Venice Biennale project on time, and received some great reviews, but the workload hasn’t let up and I’m still holding down the fort while one of our key workers is overseas.

So, no shoe news… lots of ideas bouncing around in my head… but nothing being made at the moment.

Next week is Paulius’ (and Luke’s) big fundraiser party,  so come on down if you can and hassle me relentlessly to make you some shoes. That might be all it takes for me to get back out there in the shed!

Oh, one bit of potentially interesting news – I have just found out that an old friend of mine has/uses one of the rapid prototyping robots I’ve been banging on about making! Excellent. Someone to talk to, borrow stuff from, and pester… I’d better buy some beer and reignite the friendship before I wear out my welcome!

I’ll ask Dani to put something up here asap, she has been super busy making things, and has new stockists etc. so there has to be a story and some photos in that?

Thanks for stopping by and pleeeease rest assured that this is a temporary interruption.
If all goes to plan next year there will be PLENTY of time to type blog entries (wink wink).

Listening to : Akufen – Deck the Halls

** go on. listen to it.. and trust me.. zipping across the dial on your radio will never sound the same. **


Hey people, Dani and I have relocated to our new place and although it’s painfully overcrowded with boxes and a magazine collection from a TV special called something like  “The sad reality of people who never throw anything out”… we still have room to move and are already happy with our choice of location.

We’re living in Yarraville now, amongst a whole crew of other late-20s-nicely-dressed-with-kids-on-the-way-or-at-least-planned-to-be people. There’s good coffee to be had, second hand furniture and 2 book shops, goodbye Sundays with nothing to do!

Cornershop – good food, good drinks, warm heaters.
Photo: Eddie Jim

I will post up some shots of the new setup soon… until then, be excellent to each other.

Listening to : Damaged – Nails
* thanks to Tom for putting this on a mix tape in 1996 as a laugh, little did we know how “metal” my tastes would become. I listened to this album last night, whilst wearing a black beanie with “Kings Cross Sydney” on it, in my Toyota Camry, which is unfortunately one of the least brutal Metal cars around.

…now, what was I talking about?

Still no real shoemaking or crafty news for this week… it seems moving house takes up every spare moment of our time, and when it’s combined with packing up / disassembling our studio space, nothing much is getting done.

On a more interesting note, I dropped in to visit James at his fine establishment Captains of Industry yesterday and things have really taken off! He has staff working the coffee machine, a backlog of shoes to get made (something like 20 pairs!!) and there was a comfortable little lunch crowd in there. I had a Chorizo sandwich and a mandarin juice in an enamel mug… and it reminded me how damn good simple food can be when I / we get so caught up in Mastercheffing and it’s evil opposite McDonalds. I need to remind myself (and you all now) to have a sandwich instead of a burger once in a while!

Actually, that was my second recent sandwich revelation… the other was when I saw these pictures on Joanna Goddards excellent blog A Cup of Jo :

apple-cheddar-sandwich-melt best-sandwich-cheddar-apple

… and proceeded directly to a supermarket for some smoky ham, an apple and block of vintage cheese = Toasted sandwich dinner! mmmmm.
Putting apple in there is a masterstroke. Try it sometime.

Oh, and once we move (ie next week) we will begin preparations for the DANI AND STEVE STYLE ANNUAL SALAMI MAKING FESTIVAL!

Dani’s family are Italian, and have a recipe for some awesome home-made, air dried, salty cured salami.
We have our own meat grinder now (its carnivore central around here) and a recipe in hand, so we’ll be mixing, smacking, poking and prodding a huge pile of pork in a few weeks time to make our year’s supply of snacks.


** If anyone reading this is genuinely interested in joining us, send me an email. It’s not a glamorous process, but its fun and you get to drink wine and listen to Dean Martin (so I have just decided). We’ll do the prep on a Saturday and make the sausages on a Sunday. **

Seeing as I’m on a roll here with non-shoemaking information and anecdotes, I’ll take a moment to mention Tame Impala’s new album Innerspeaker (< you can listen to it all here).
It kicks some serious ass, and anyone who likes music with guitars and drums involved should check it out.  We saw their concert last week and it was killer, we also saw them swap instruments and do a gig as their other band Pond, and that was almost better! At the risk of sounding like Molly Meldrum – do yourself a favour and get on the bandwagon now before they blow up and become the next Silverchair / Kings of Leon / big assed band.

Oh, and I’d also like to thank my pal Nick King for putting me on to this mad man…Datsik.
This new breed of dubstep stuff puts a stupid grin on my face and makes me say “fuck yeah” at least once a song.

[note : it kicks in at 30 seconds, the intro is a bit weak]

Who would have thought Transformers sound effects could be a musical instrument?

Short Attention Span Steve here –  signing off to go pack stuff and get more dust borne allergies!

Listening to : Tame Impala of course…

I apologise Jean-Michel…

On behalf of the shoe community, I apologise for the following blight on your legacy, ‘cos I’m pretty sure Reebok aren’t going to.

Yours Sincerely,


Image and Text from www.theshoebuff.com

"Reebok has released a collection in collaboration with designer Jean-Michel Basquiat;
 a line most notable inspired by parts of his Suite of Fourteen Drawings.
 The addition of text on the shoes lends to its classic DIY pump-meets-punk aesthetic."

fuck offfff….

1. how can you ‘collaborate’ with someone who is dead?
you can’t – but you can license their work and plaster it all over your product.
2. Basquiat wasn’t a designer, with business cards, and a desk… he was an artist.
3. I really doubt enough ‘punks’ do (or did) D.I.Y jobs on their Reebok pumps to declare it an aesthetic.
4. I could go on all day about this…

The stupid thing is they’re not terrible looking shoes, but are completely pointless.

And embroidered logo on a pair of white shoes is not a collaboration, its a misappropriation of a piece of art that had a meaning and purpose all of it’s own, and I’m guessing that probably didn’t include selling overpriced footwear to the general public.


… and don’t get me started on the irony involved in using his text – something vaguely about the inequities of modern life and ‘big money’ and the rat race etc, on a pair of shoes – made in china, and sold for what is no doubt a 2000% markup on the price paid to the worker who made them.

This stuff reeeeeeally shits me off, not just because I hand make shoes, not because I’m a Basquiat fan, but mainly because I used to collect ‘collectable’ sneakers until the big brands clearly ran out of ideas, and have resorted to crap like this and ‘Iron Maiden’ collaborations and ‘lets take the sole of one Nike and glue it to the upper of a different one and call it a ‘hybrid’.

Grrrrrrr. There, how I have vented my anger somewhat.

Listening to: The sound of the sneaker industry punching the art community in the face.

No news is not good news, it’s boring.

Hey Deadfans, both Dani and I have been in holiday-from-the-studio mode over the last week (Easter weekend), so that should explain the lack of posts.

We did manage to revamp the garden, get hayfever, rest, continue with the garden, drink beers, have a family lunch AND make a long overdue visit to my Grandma… but none of that is particularly interesting to the dozens of people who check this site (yearly).

Images sourced from a super special plugin that captures our readers in action via their webcams

One bit of news to note though (just for bragging’s sake) is that our dear pals Tom and Jess are moving to the UK for keeps, and as sad as that is, we take some solace in knowing that the 50 or so pints of Tom’s delicious home brew he left with us will numb the pain nightly for a good few weeks!
Ha ha, hellloooo gout, I’ll be seeing you soon.

So, in lieu of any crafty pictures I am going to put up some more ‘inspiration list’ images that I have here on my computer… No real reason, other than it might get you inspired, or simply let you know a little more about the complicated and conflicting set of tastes and interests I have.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only vintage-amp-and-art-and-cooking-and-ladies-shoes-and-psyche-rock obsessed shoemaker-slash-3d-animator in town…

I’m a Dizzy Rascal


Oh yeah, not only do we insist on practicing the crafts of a bygone era, I like to keep it REAL by only developing disorders and illnesses that old people get.
So far… Gout, Check… Vertigo, Check…. what’s next? Scurvy? the Rickets? St Vitus Dance?

So there you have it, I’m home, working, and trying not to turn my head fast or I might fall off my chair.

Rock on.

Listening to : Dani playing Led Zeppelin in the other room.

(I must credit Dani with coming up with the Dizzy Rascal joke, classic!)

Our craft is now illegal

yep,  in a way anyway.

so we don’t have a permit (what!) to make art and craft in our warehouse and were forced to down tools yesterday for 3 weeks while an application is put through!

Not our fault…we didn’t set up this studio, we sublet (for those that know us personally- this was a welcome change from the last 4 years of running a space).
It’s totally out of our hands and now we will be working from home.  god knows how!!

Seriously- what has the world come to?

Special thanks go to the crazy hammer man next door and his council friend “the permit enforcer”

Thanks for supporting design in Melbourne, Melbourne.

One month down, it’ll be Christmas soon.

There hasn’t been much happening at casa del Dead and Buried lately, it’s been a slow start to the year.
Dani is designing new things that are yet to go public, and I have been on an admin kick, so nothing worth photographing.

We’ve been rocking it at a few gigs, and there are lots more to come in the next few months.

We went to see
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs < Great show, 10 thumbs up from Dani
Aprocessof < Fuckin’ loud, killer riffs.
Them Crooked Vultures < Um, Dave Grohl was there? A bit underwhelming.
The Frowning Clouds < Great sounds, shit scenester crowd.  Booo to hipsters.
… and we (foolishly) got to a Nici Blue Eyes gig too late to see her play. Dagnammit!

Next up is AC/DC, The Pixies and possibly My Disco.

Monarch! will be on the list too, come along, you’ll never forget it.
(… I’d be attending on my own, with the 7 or 8 other Melbourne doom fans.)

Check it out (and yep, I really do listen to / play this sort of music, Dani is a lucky lady.)

Oh, and now the (not so) bad news…  We have no cucumbers! So there will be no pickles!
In what appears to be some sort of seedling tag mixup at Bunnings we have been lovingly tending to 6 PUMPKIN plants for the last 3 months, wondering why they all seemed a little oversized for cucumbers, and have recently been greeted by butternut pumkins galore. Sigh. I mean pumpkins are nice, but no match for cukes in the summer salad area.
… Dani’s plans to make home made pickles are down the drain.

The good news.
We have a new studio pal moving in this week!
The ever lovely Kate will be shoemaker #2 (or #1, we will have to hold a running race or something to find out who is Numero Uno) to be working in our studio space. The annual new-university-year shuffle is going on, so people are moving  in and out and we have put up our hand to take a super-sized space.
Next up is to get her equipment moved in, then we’ll work out where our tools do and don’t overlap before we fill in the gaps.

I have been toiling on some extra-special shoes for myself to wear to my party. They are, – for want of a better word – fabulous.. and will both wow the crowds and cause them to question my manliness. Pics next week.

And one more thing, some dooods from our studio are exhibiting in a new show at Neon Parc starting this week.
Check it out here > http://neonparc.com.au/upcoming_exhibitions.php

Listening to : Colour Haze – Live at DunaJam 2009 (what a gig! what a location!)

Quick one

After an action packed weekend where I waited 8 hours for a tradie to NOT show up, we made it back in to the studio today to get crafty.

I modified a pair of sandals that I’ve been making for Dani, made her brother a leather holder for his chisels and then got to work on a new pair of Oxfords.
After mocking them up in cadbury-brown leather (eww), test fitting, adjusting, test fitting, adjusting and test fitting, I’m ready to go with the real leather tomorrow.
They will have some perforated sections for maximum summer breezy-ness, i’ll show some pics soon (forgot the camera today).

Tonight is drum practice time, then on to some late night nerding – I have some design ideas in mind that need 3D modelling to resolve.
No rest for the wicked!

Listening to : Dead Meadow – Between Me And The Ground

^ Check out that monster kick drum! I’m on the hunt for a 26″ bass drum, anyone have a Bonham one they want to offload?

Welcome to the world of Dead and Buried

Hi There!

We’re two kids from Melbourne who are going to open a store soon, and have decided to fill in time until we get our act (and finances) together by blogging about awesome things, bands, people, shoes and whatever else seems good at the time.
To bring you up to speed, here’s a little info about us and why we’re doing all this.

Dani is the genius behind Dani M Designs, she has been making Jewellery and Homewares and other crazy things from Porcelain and Silver and Felt for years now.
You can check out all her stuff at www.danimdesigns.com, or meet her in person at Craft Victoria sometime.
She has a cat named Special Agent Dale Cooper, a new niece who is 100% gorgeous, and she likes to rock out to Talking Heads and Tom Petty.

Steve is her husband, a life-long ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ with a terribly short attention span.
After working in Multimedia, Industrial Design, Furniture Manufacture, Screen Printing, Web Design, 3d Visualisation and a dozen other jobs here and there, he has decided to follow his heart and learn Shoe Making.
Right now he is working on Pair #4 and will no doubt show off a few of them on here from time to time.
He is also obsessed with vintage guitar amplifiers, Black Sabbath and obnoxiously loud drums, so expect an album review here and there, and other music nerdery.
His websites are all outdated and a waste of time, but when they’re back, he’ll post them.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy reading what we ramble on about.
Once we open the shop we’ll have you allllll in for one of Tom’s homemade beers and some air guitar.

Team Dead and Buried.