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Behind every great man is a great woman, and that is definitely the truth around here. In the weird world we live in it’s never Dani OR Steve that are busy, its always Dani AND Steve that are busy… we dont take holidays. We really should.

So, in the last 6 months Dani has had plenty of wins of her own, here’s a quick rundown…

The super cool blog Babes in the Woods popped in to our studio on one of Dani’s Melbourne trips and managed to get the lowdown on her makeup and hair routine


Photo: Nadiah Abdulrahim

She also got totally featured on the creative crew website The Bonafide Bedfellows when we lived at our last house. (Sydney on a sunny day makes everyone’s spare bedroom look like a dreamy studio space…)


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.38.57 pm

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.43.58 pm

As for the work she has been CHURNING out, there was the collaboration with Phoenix Keating on the jewellery for his most recent collection La Diosa de Oro

She also managed to squeeze out a new collection… you know, in her spare time.

Since moving up here she has taken on board the style and vibes of the cool girls up here, and tailored a collection to (hopefully) still speak to her Melbourne customer base, whilst also drawing in a few more northerners…
The collection is called The Longest Time and was officially launched via Yen Magazine here :


Here’s the lookbook – check Dani’s website for prices.

Dani and I masterminded the creative direction and whipped up the flatlay images.

We were lucky enough to get to work with Mali Koopman, a new jawdropping model at Chic, and the shoot was produced with the help of the girls at OMGfive.
It was shot by Natalia Parsonson and styled by Tanya Levak.

New work!

Hey hey!  Dani here.  Got some new stuff to show you..its been about a year, but I found some time to develop one of my exhibition pieces into a range.

You can find it at Craft Victoria or at the upcoming Finders Keepers Market in Sydney on the 2nd and 3rd of December and then at the Harvest Textiles market on December 17.




…and some white pieces too.  These are ring holders for your bed side table.  All this work is ‘pinch pot’ which means i start with a ball of porcelain and pinch it into a shape.  Easy to do, freaking hard to master!

New to my collection

A recent exhibition at Pieces Of Eight called Rock Solid saw artist Leah Jackson almost sell out all her work on the opening night.  I was lucky enough to get in rather early and score these three beauties.   I was able to bring them home and add them to “My Melbourne Ceramics Collection” (I had to make this up to stop Steve giving me the ‘eyebrows’).  Its small- so far it consists of a tea pot by Del Stewart, these cups…and a whole lot of dani m (mostly seconds so totally worthless).

Trip to the gallery

Hey guys, dani here.  Just wanted to tell you about a project I got myself into.

I decided to put forward a proposal thinking it was worth a shot…now I find myself trying to figure out how to make 120 bowls!

They are for the NGV 150 Anniversary, and will be for sale in the gift shop later this year.  I proposed the colours come from the two very famous and very Melbourne paintings in the NGV collection- John Brack’s The Bar and Collins St, 5 pm.

I have a few colours in my range that already fit, so it should be a nice match.  I’m just peeing my pants a little.  Intern time?

troy, is this you?

High Tea Exhibition

hi lovely readers…dani here. i’ve been busy getting some work together for an exhibition that just opened.

although i started the work ages ago, it was a long process of trial and error- so i was unsure if it would all come together.

IT DID!  major major sigh of relief.

i tried a new technique (for me) of applying decal images to porcelain. it was WAY easier than i anticipated…cut around image, soak it and the piece in warm water, separate image from backing, slide in place, let dry and fire in kiln!  AND you can custom print, so i think decals may feature in my jewellery and other work in the future.
now that i know this, i am surprised how much ceramic jewellery is out there with the same 5 blue japanese prints!  ah well, they are so missing out.  oh, and i almost forgot to mention…for this work, i wanted to match the rose print from my nan’s tea cup.  AMAZINGLY, we found the print and it looks almost identical (colour is a little off but you can’t really tell).

so, when asked to respond to the concept of taking tea- i was a bit worried.  i don’t ‘take tea’ EVER.  i drink tea like its going out of fashion, but the ritual of it is no longer around.  does anyone formally sit down and drink tea with cakes and napkins?

i started to think about madam brussels and the novelty of being proper and formal…because its SO far removed from how we live today.  in the end i decided to create fun and whimsical objects to emphasise that when we do these rituals now, its like we are kids again dressing up and playing pretend.

anyway, here’s the finished work and some ‘in the making’ shots. i guess now i’m an artist too! yay!

high tea on till feb 6 2011 at bundoora homestead

An excuse to day trip

Sunday Steve and I went to get some country air in our fav town- Daylesford.  Fellow ceramicist Bridget Bodenham was having an open studio, and since I have not met her before, thought this would be a good time to introduce myself…and pick hers brains about living and working in the Hepburn area.

So, she was lovely!  And lives in a bunch of cleverly arranged shipping containers!  It was truly awesome.  She welcomed us into her studio container where the pot belly fire was cracking (it was cold in Melbourne, but you need to prepare for a few degrees less-when will i ever learn), and we were indeed inspired.

Bridget is clearly happy making her home wares and jewellery as the walls were lined with delicious looking goodies.  We exchanged a few tips (she even lent me a book!) and I left feeling inspired and a little more confident in our idea of moving there.  I was also relieved to find out that two ceramicists that make jewellery can get along.  Sharing is hard for me- and that comes down to my insecurities…is there enough room/ideas to explore?  Although our work may cross over in areas, we both have our schtick.  Bridget does amazing things with form and texture and experiments with many clay bodies.  I’m a little more focused on the form and colour and exclusively (not sure why) use Southern Ice porcelain.

Anyway, Bridget is opening her studio again this weekend 23rd and 24th of October and stuff is for sale!

90 Ajax Rd Hepburn Springs 0434 030 931

Homewares are back!

9 years ago when I started working with clay- I created a range of vases and vessels.  First in white, then in pastel colours.  I stopped because they took too long (bad mould= need to sand the surface for ages) and even though I made them BEFORE Mud, I didn’t stand a chance since the owner of Mud is mates with Donna Hay.

Anyhoo, enough ‘o that.  Some peeps have been asking me to make stuff again, and now that I work at Craft Victoria, I can see where the gaps are.  I’m also gearing up for a couple of exhibitions- both are related to tea drinking.  At least I drink tea like there’s no tomorrow.

I have to say, I’m totally enjoying making the original shapes by hand.  I’m using the coil technique.  Its where you roll long bits of clay and coil them into a shape, then smooth the sides.  These will be fired then sent to the masters of mould making at Northcote Pottery.  I have made moulds before…but I don’t want to screw it up.


fix up look sharp

yes, inspired by dizzee, this window display at craft victoria is called ‘fix up look sharp’

i have been fascinated by the crystal form and have been making shards from my signature porcelain.  i recently went to the melbourne museum to check out the rock and mineral collection and it BLEW MY MIND.  btw, i just emailed my mac service to tell them i was pissed my caps lock was broken. ah hem, its not- you just have to hold it down longer…to avoid accidental turning on.

so, anyway, i have new rock inspired work on display at craft victoria if you happen to walk by.





girls, girls, girls

so, three new ladies in our lives – tahlia, violet and amelia.

since i was making porcelain decorations to sell at craft victoria, i decided to do some custom ones for the babies.

tahlia iris

cvic deco1