“…Here’s hoping May doesn’t suck as much as April.”

You know what? IT DIDN’T SUCK AS MUCH AS APRIL. Yessssss.

Team Dead & Buried was a bit all over the place during May – Elise moved out, Katia moved out (both because they were handed free studio spaces and that’s hard to beat in this economy) and we will miss them both immensely. Karlee moved in, then got offered a studio of her own almost next door to us after being on the waiting list at the Nicholas Building for almost a year, so she’s moving out too…

…how is this all not sucky bad news you ask? Well, for a starter we just handed some keys to Megan Webb who will be our new studio buddy, and we’ve been talking to a few other people about the last space available.

But the mood lifting has been mostly due to me being offered one of those once-in-a-lifetime jobs that came at EXACTLY the right time, and thus has lifted our spirits no end. I’m now out of the 3D rendering industry and am working 5 days a week in Sydney at a User Experience Design firm called Neo, run by my old best pal Michelle – who you might remember I made some green wedding shoes for last year.

^ that’s my new boss. What a babe/boss.

Her business has gone bananas and she’s hooked me up with a sweeeeet package to entice me to get on board. It’s been years since I was employed as an actual “designer” so it’s great to be back drawing, thinking and generally getting paid to have an opinion on everything, like I do naturally. This has removed the cloudy fog that was my future last month, and has given Dani and I some things to do / plan / save / setup for.

The renewed plan is for me to work 5 days and earn some respectable cash for the first time in maybe 8 years, and that will allow both of us to invest in some helpers and manufacturers to get our brands off the ground without it taking another 3 years of manual labour.

…something like this?

Dani M Designs and goodlyGOLD are in the process of getting a web-overhaul = new sites, new online stores, and I have a 2 stage process planned to get some ACTUAL SHOES MADE AND FOR SALE FOR GOD DAMN ONCE. More on that next month, but it’s pretty exciting.

We’ll be keeping the studio space humming over the next few months whilst I travel up and back, and then maybe… maybe… we’ll move to Sydney for a year, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and we definitely wont be giving up our studio, we’ll just get a few more people in and fly back and forward like design jetsetters.

So, I’m in a hotel room now using their wifi and am planning an evening of blog trawling to gather some references for a new fashion label / shoe thing that is in the works, and also doing some sums to make sure I can deliver 3D printed visors to Christina Exie’s customers if they happen to order any! Eeek.

image from

Anyhoot, that’s the news in brief for anyone reading. There’ll be more to see this year now that we have a plan (and will soon have helpers to blog about things on our behalf) so lets all hope for D&B to return to it’s glory days of weekly 40+ photo posts!!

Madeline, if you’re reading this its been a year since you were here! What. The. Fuck. That’s too long. Come back for a visit.

Listening to : Goat, Cashmere Cat, Gucci Mane. over and over and over.

April = Ups and F*cking Downs

Hey there loyal readers (blog stats tell me it is still a few more people than our parents and Madeline and Hili that read this blog so I’ll keep talking as if it’s a captivated audience of 1000s)… April has certainly turned out to be the biggest rollercoaster of a month for me/us in hmmm… 7 years? Strangely enough EXACTLY 7 years ago, almost to the day from this year’s ups and downs, Dani and I got married and my previous business dissolved in a flash of rage and we found ourselves in one hell of a happy/sad headtrip. Seems April is cursed for us, we’d better watch out in April 2020… that sounds ominous.

I wont ramble on too much about the goings on of the month, but I do believe in open-book honesty, as that’s what this blog has always been about, so I dont want anyone out there who is / has / will go through tough times as an artist or creative person to think that it’s all smooth sailing here and we’re just posting up photos and exclamation marks when things go well, that’s what Instagram is for.

To start on a good note – WE WENT TO MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK AND IT WAS COOL. Dani and I made the accessories for Christina Exie’s debut runway show, and it rocked the house. We spent the week soaking up some Sydney sun and helping Christina with the million and one tasks she had to do leading up to the show, we ate gelato and sushi, we arrived backstage 3 hours before the show and got to see the madness that goes on when trying to get 10 models styled, dressed and ready to walk a runway.

It was in no way without drama, there were some serious last minute hiccups to work around and I hope to do a post on all of the details of that adventure soon, but for now, here’s a quick preview of what we made and how it looked on the runway.

my 3D printed visors…

dani’s resin cast bangles…

the collection.

all images from

I was planning on doing a classic making of sort of post on these, but as I’m now thinking of going in to production with the visors asap I might wait a bit before I swing open the doors and give away all my trade secrets and intellectual property. Our friends at DI$COUNT have been ripped off royally recently by some dipshits in Sydney, so you cant really trust anyone these days it seems.

This was definitely one of the “ups” for April, and it was a great way to further our working relationship with Christina, meet a bunch of new people and get something seen outside of Melbourne.

That said, it lead me, and to a much lesser extent Dani, to crash out completely with post-event adrenalin and motivation loss. I’ve been trying to distract myself from the reality that I have somewhat ‘run out of steam’ since early January, and now that the outlook is on another year of hard work and determination all I want to do is pop into bed for a 6 month sleep.

this is what my plans for 2013 look like in my head at the moment.

All of our plans are so damned lofty that every now and then the weather changes or something sad happens and it’s hard not to just say “fuck it, I’m done with this shit”… but that’s the key to success. Knowing that those times will come and getting your ass off the couch and back in the saddle.

The sad event that came within 3 days of us arriving home from Sydney was the news that our friend and fellow creative hotshot-in-the-making Maya died of cancer at age 27. It’s making me choke up a little typing this so I’ll move on, but we are devastated to have lost her so early and hope that the good we can take from it is the motivation for us – and anyone reading this – to SEIZE THE DAY. Get out there and live your dreams as you have no idea when your time will be up.

Maya, you were awesome, and will never be forgotten.

So… ups and downs huh? How about having a new niece born 3 days after Maya passed? Is that up and down enough for you? Faaaaark.

We welcomed our new heartbreaker Olivia to the world on Monday and she is tiny and beautiful and quiet and possibly a redhead. I am in love already of course.

So… it’s now a public holiday, I’m in the studio typing away trying to get my mojo back, and hopefully…. hopefully, I’ll be blog posting this year with a new stream of stories about shoes and studios and manufacturing.

It seems the most financially sensible path for me (and Dani too) to take is for us to look at getting help with our brands so that we can break this exhausting cycle of trying to design, make and market everything all by hand. It works on a tiny turnover scale, but if we want to make these businesses actual “businesses” then that means working with a team, PR, marketing, bookkeeping, manufacture etc etc.

We just need to work out how to incorporate that into our Dead & Buried dream of integrated retail and manufacture, and how, when and where it will make sense for us to head in the next year or two – with the long term goal still being a home and life in ol’ Manhattan. Woo.

The other “up” for the month was getting to film a quick fashion film for Dani’s brand to launch her new resin jewellery range. We managed to get the brain-meltingly hot and cool Maximus Po to turn up at a photographic studio and dance her assssss off for an hour or two, whilst I directed and our friends Christian and Kik documented the whole thing. Below is a quick edit teaser film that I put together before Sydney… there’ll be a bigger and better and sexier one coming soon, once Christian and I get a chance to get back together and do some editing magic.

Dani M vs Maximus Po | Teaser Film from danimdesigns on Vimeo.

Oh, and one last thing, I made some postcards to give away whilst in Sydney and was lucky enough to have Jeannine Tan allow me to use one of her photos. She has a killer eye for photography and colour ranges that I am super envious of, so I am verrrry excited about working with her in the future to get the “look” for my brand just right. Go have a look at her site >

So that’s a wrap.
Here’s hoping May doesn’t suck as much as April.


Runway Show Screengrabs

Hey peeps, I took some screengrabs of the TV show footage and made up a mini gallery for any of you who didn’t get to see the show live to air. I have heard that it’s available on the internets through less-legal modes of acquirement, but I’m not silly enough to provide links to that on this here official website.

Check out the GALLERY here

The Quick and The Dead II – now open!!


It seems that in amongst all the shop opening admin we’ve been up to lately I forgot to update this here website with some pretty important information… Our pop up shop is open again!!

We had a mini launch party a week or so ago and now we’re open every Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm from now until Christmas. As with last year’s store we have LOADS of under-$100 goodies for christmas gifts, as well as a bunch of more high-end fashion things for you to buy for yourself.

The pop up site is here > < and it has a link to our online store, shop from home!

Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far, it’s been a great start and we’re only 2 weeks in.

Flinders Lane Shopping Night

Hey gang, we’re participating in the first annual Flinders Lane Shopping Night this THURSDAY, November 22.
Come up to see us for a beer if there are any left, 10% off all stock in store and a last chance to have a look before we revamp the space for our Christmas Pop Up shop!

Here’s the official info from the press release. Special thanks goes to Dana Lenko for organising it all!

Flinders Lane and its surrounds are the darlings of Melbourne’s lauded laneways.

Home to our most beloved independent retailers, designers and creative minds—it is where the lifeblood of Australian fashion and the forefront of independent design pools.

To celebrate this unique, creative community, retailers have united for the very first time to create an exciting new event—the Flinders Lane Shopping Night, to be held on Thursday November 22, 2012 from 5pm to 9pm. On this day local retailers will be staying open for a late night shopping experience with each store running their own exclusive offers.

Here’s a Facebook event link if you want to share it around

Ho-leee shiiit…

A month? Already? In fact a month + a week? God damn, sorry followers!
October has been STUPID busy for Dani and I, so we have neglected our blog, our plants and our friends all in the quest for the big dream. What’s been going on you say?

– Dani has been making goodlyGOLD items in bulk with her new assistant/pal Alicia and there are a bunch of new stockists coming soon.

– She has produced a limited edition range of jewellery exclusively for LIFEwithBIRD which is pretty exciting as she loves their clothing.

– There have also been a bunch of fuck-ups with her suppliers sending the wrong thing, plating necklaces in the wrong stuff… that sort of thing… the stuff that makes everything just a little bit more painful than it needs to be.

– I have taken on the challenge of making 10 PAIRS of crazy high heels for a high profile runway show that is coming in 2 weeks. I’m not allowed to say any more than that, but when it’s done and shown dont you worry, I’ll be talking about it as much as possible.

– This has also involved me getting the most awesome Emma Greenwood on board to sew the 20 uppers I need. The decision was made that my nerves are a bit shaky and my stress levels a bit high for me to pull of 2 days of sewing and expect good results. Emma knocked them up in an afternoon and they’re perfect. She rulez.

– I am now knee deep in resin molds, leather uppers and nails trying to get them all made. Looks achievable, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

* if you want to see update pics of the shoe stuff as I do it, follow us on Instagram DEADANDBURIED – that would also explain the crap photos this month, no time for good cameras.
or just spy on us here if you (understandably) don’t use instagram >

– I am also working 3 days a week AND doing extra 3d stuff at night to pay for…..

….wait for it…..



A top of the line Replicator2 is coming my way (as seen on the cover of Wired magazine this month) which will mean I can finally print out crrrrraaazzzzyyyyy 3d parts and get my ideas realised. I have had to sell some musical gear but hell, who cares when you have a black bad assed printer on the desk?

This is part of a bigger push to restructure my shoe brand idea from ‘hobby’ to a Jimmy Choo level business, so 2013 is shaping up to be fucking busy.

Oh, and extra thanks goes to my dad who, as you do, just finished the restoration of my vw and got it registered for me last week (mainly so I get it the hell out of his driveway). So, when I get a free hour one day I’ll go pick it up and be crusing the streets in this rocket.

Apologies to anyone we’ve forgotten to call back / have dinner with / answer your emails. We’re busy, it sucks, but it’s what it takes to make it alllll happen.

We are having another Quick and the Dead pop up shop too this year, so keep an eye out for info on that in the next week or so. If you make things and want to sell stuff that is in the gift-buying price bracket ($50 – $100) then get in touch with us!

ps. if you’re reading this Madeline, that’s why I haven’t been in touch again, oops, I’ll email you soon!


New things #1

Hi all, it’s the start of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week so I have swapped my work shifts around to be in and around the city for the week – hopefully we’ll get to catch a bunch of shows and exhibitions and films and generally be re-immersed in fashion after a long winter of shop reno’s and hard work.

I’ll be FINALLY adding some new content to the blog too, starting with some shots and info on the Shoe Gallery at the Melbourne Shoe Fair that I was asked to curate. This probably should be on my Steven Phillips site, but that doesn’t exist yet, so you Dead & Buried peeps can have a look instead

I was commissioned by Pronto Productions to curate an exhibition of shoe related photography – but of course I had to overdo it, and instead of just sourcing existing images I decided to get my old pal Albert Comper on the job and had him shoot a bunch of original content which is indicative of what my label’s branding approach will be.


We shot a selection of atmospheric studio shots in the Dead & Buried workshop, Brendan Dwyer’s amazing studio and the always-photogenic Captains of Industry / Roberts & Hassett.


Then we arranged a studio shoot which featured the shoes of Brendan Dwyer, Emma Greenwood, Phong Chi Lai and some AMAZING commercial fashion brand shoes sourced by styist Julia-Louise Premoselli with a day’s notice. She came through with the goods and dropped off shoes from Finsk, Aperlai, Givenchy and Milu to round of the handmade vs. production theme we were going for.


Albert of course killed it when it came to the photos, if ever I had a work ethic and visual style doppleganger it’s him, with a few mumbles and agreeing head nods we got the job done. Too damn easy.


Pronto arranged the printing and install of the actual exhibition so apart from one last-minute late night retouching the images (getting rid of dust and fingerprints etc) it was all pretty simple.


The Shoe Fair has since been and gone, but I hope to add to this collection of images in the coming months and eventually compile them into a book or online exhibition, or something like that.

So thanks for reading, and check back later this week for a virtual tour of our NEW SHOP and expect a bunch of updates to this site over the coming weeks as we upgrade to an online store and all round fashion and craft hub.

If you get a chance, be sure to head to the RMIT student exhibition at Thousand Pound Bend this week to see what the next generation of kids are coming up with (it’s really good.)

Listening to : The Presets today, a bit of doof to help me focus.

August gone too?

Shit god-damn, another month gone, no blogging, not much sleep, not much money, but we’re still at it!

Our shop has been officially soft-launched, we sold some goodies, people came and shared in the fun times, and all in all it was a success. Dani and I are broke, tired and drained at the moment, so with a few weeks of low key activities and some rest we’ll gear up for a proper shop launch party and some serious media hyping.

I am also FINALLY ABOUT TO START MAKING SOME SHOES. It must be 4 or 5 months since I last made anything worth talking about, so it’s wayyy past due. I have all of next week in here and I will make some things and photograph them for you all, a craft blog is no fun without craft.

So, i’ll leave you today with a sneak preview of Audrey’s first collection of handmade shoes she has produced for her RMIT course under my “um, yeah you can probably do it that way, i’m not sure, lets try” style of guidance. I wont say teaching as it’s mostly guess work. Her shoes are cool, they have fluoro leather AND glow in the dark cast resin components! Madness!!

Listening to : The Doors at the moment, iPod shuffler is dj’ing tonight.

July, been and gone

Howdy all, lots more has been happening in our world, but the most major thing (and the cause for no blog content) is that Dani and I have decided to move house, again. We only rent, so we like to exercise the (only?) luxury that renters have of being able to say “you know what, lets move over there now”.

So with relatively short notice we leased a house in North Melbourne and if any of you have known us for long enough you’ll know that the ol’ 3051 is where I always want to be living, if not in NYC, so we’re pretty excited to be heading back there this week! We have had to DRASTICALLY downsize our life though, moving from 3 bedrooms, living room and and shed to 1 bedroom, 1 living room, no shed has meant we’ve had to recycle, donate, or junk about half of what we were hording at this place. So much useless stuff! If you ever get the chance to do so, go for it, otherwise you’ll end up with piles of junk when you’re old.

We move tomorrow, and will have no home internet for a bit, so the blogging will be quiet again – BUT, after that, I’ll be able to WALK IN AND OUT OF THE CITY, so expect lots more shoe stuff, lots more shop stuff and a lot of general excitement.

I wish I could put all of the following things in to blog posts of their own, but alas, there is no time, so here’s the usual summary of things / new things / good things.

– We are about to soft-launch open our shop this week! We’re part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed festival which involves us opening our doors to interested visitors, so we have had to hurry along the shop reno’s.

– The Nicholas Building open studios nights are coming up too, August 17/18 – we’ll be open and having a bit of a gathering, come on up!

– I have been asked to curate a photographic exhibition of shoes at the upcoming Melbourne Shoe Fair, and in true ‘me’ style, I have amped it up and am now commissioning and styling photographs that celebrate the making and design of shoes, more on that in a few weeks.

– I’m also giving a talk at RMIT in September, so i’ll post details of that soon.

– Dani has launched her new label, goodlyGOLD and it’s going great, lots of orders from Design Made Trade, look her up on the web or Facebook to find out more.

– We have finally completed our hunt for a studio member and are happy to welcome Elise to the gang. She hasn’t graduated yet, but is a bit of a jewellery genius, so we’re excited to have her on board!

… probably more to tell you but i’m running late again! always late! ahhhh.

Back soon. Steve


Now with added PHOTOS


Hey hey, back again with a blog post for the first time in ages that actually has some damn photos to accompany it. I know how boring text-only blogs can be, so I’m sorry for taking this long to remember to carry the camera in and snap a few shots of what is going on. Admittedly they’re still not the making-shoes-with-tools-and-sewing or ceramic-techniques photos that most of you prefer, but these will have to do.


First up we have some pics of the shop in it’s newest incarnation, after fretting over what our USP would be, what we’d be selling, why we’re selling it etc, Dani and I came to the conclusion that art, craft and colour are the main themes that will sum up Dead & Buried Version 1, so we assigned our newly finished wall to the status of “art wall” and I took the challenge up to do the first floor-to-ceiling paint job.
After a TERRIBLE start that looked like a combination between a mexican restaurant and a gay pride parade (bad move using primary colours) I started again with a pastels and fluro idea that is looooosely based on a bouquet of flowers image, distorted and abstracted.

At this stage Dani noted that I seemed happier than I had in quite a while, and she was right, making art, particularly on this scale is totally AWESOME.

I think we might also get high res photos of each of the artworks we have done and use them to make some texile products for the shop? Scarves? Pillows? Stuff like that.

… and voila, there you go, one new shop, shelves set up, floor repainted, mural 90% done (there is some more to add when I get the mood back again) and stock starting to arrive!

2. Dani has been making new things for the shop and for a new brand she is going to launch. This stuff will be more affordable and a little more ‘trend driven’ so keep your eye out for launch details and photos soon!

3. She has also been pinch potting like a demon and managed to make all of these goodies in a few weeks for stocking at Craft Vic and Five Boroughs etc.

Mini plant pots!

Plates and cups!

4. I’ve been making Boots! They are colourful!

In preparation for the new hyper-coloured shop opening I’ve been making up some desert boots that will be available only from us, for a limited time, in limited numbers. They’ll be about $300 a pair and will be HANDMADE to order in colourful suede. More on them in the coming weeks.

Suedes, most of which I’ll be offering, with specific laces for each colour.

fully graded patterns for all the sizes I can make (for now)

Tools and doodads…

The cramped workspace now that both Madeline and I have been trying to work in there… making it very obvious that I need a new layout if I have an assistant at any stage.

…. and a quick picture of Madeline WEARING HER FIRST PAIR OF SHOES. Bam, she totally made them all herself (from a my pattern), with me hovering over her shoulder making suggestions. I am very impressed, she is ace.


5. Bonfire!

… lastly, a few pics from our family get together bonfire in central Victoria earlier this month, because they look nice.
(Hili, we missed you, please come back for the next one)

we took the camera up to scout some locations for a possible jewellery photo shoot…

… and arriving at 5pm = golden hour = everything looks spectacular.

Dani getting warmed by the pre-fire / marshmallow fire…..

THE REAL DEAL BONFIRE. Masssssiiivvvve.

James standing in front of it as it was being lit… it burned until about 4am
… I think, by then I was too drunk to actually see if it was alight any more (oops).

Gotta go, Emily Green is having a launch tonight with the TACO truck there…. get down if you can!

13 Morey Street, Armadale

Listening to  : Om, and eagerly awaiting their new album next month! Woooo.