2010 is here!

So, it’s finally started… TwentyTen, the year when – if all goes to plan I will…
a. Shave my head to combat baldness and never again concern myself with a “hairstyle”
b. Turn 30
c. Sell my first handmade shoe
d. Open a super-cool-and-casual-and-enviable store with the one and only Dani M
e. Release at least one of my proposed ‘albums’ and start some sort of proper band
… I’m guessing in roughly that order too. It should be fun!

Thanks to the modern marvel that is eBay I am now the proud owner of this bad boy

Pfaff 004_resize Pfaff 005_resize

A Pfaff 493 for all those trainspotters out there, with the mechanism to attach a lining trimming ‘knife’ to the post,although it is not currently in action.

Even on “slow” it sews faster than anything I have ever used, so it will be hand-turned for a while until I get my nerve up. If anyone can see that I have threaded it wrong, please comment, as it’s 99% right, but has a few thread tension issues.

I have started the year by modifying a last for Dani’s orthotic-shod feet, as the shoes I’m making are all a little tight, so rather than go to town buying new lasts, I’m trying to build one up the old way.

Pfaff 007_resize

After a day dicking around with the new sewing machine I managed to tape / draw / cut / trace / create the pattern for another pair of Oxfords. These will be identical to the ‘breezy’ ones, with a second pair in Black to follow.

Pfaff 001b_resize

And… seeing as I had to jam ANOTHER desk and piece of machinery into my corner of the studio space I decided to take a series of pictures and panorama them together (I should have just used a wide angle lens, but it’s all Blogging On A Budget © around here) so my hordes of fans can see what a little Tetris style cube I work in.
Everything is at arms reach… and not by choice.

Click on it for maximum bigness and see in great detail my lack of quality tools.

I have it here at super resolution –  if anyone wants to print it at 1:1 and pretend you’re really there.
Note the “Blue Suede Shoes” in the foreground that I’m making for myself…

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and here’s hoping for big busy and successful 2010 for all of us.

Listening to : Floor (their whole back catalogue)
These guys were awesome, the band is no more, key members are now in a band called Torche.
Downtuned madness. If someone wants to start a band like this, I’m keen.

Welcome to the world of Dead and Buried

Hi There!

We’re two kids from Melbourne who are going to open a store soon, and have decided to fill in time until we get our act (and finances) together by blogging about awesome things, bands, people, shoes and whatever else seems good at the time.
To bring you up to speed, here’s a little info about us and why we’re doing all this.

Dani is the genius behind Dani M Designs, she has been making Jewellery and Homewares and other crazy things from Porcelain and Silver and Felt for years now.
You can check out all her stuff at www.danimdesigns.com, or meet her in person at Craft Victoria sometime.
She has a cat named Special Agent Dale Cooper, a new niece who is 100% gorgeous, and she likes to rock out to Talking Heads and Tom Petty.

Steve is her husband, a life-long ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ with a terribly short attention span.
After working in Multimedia, Industrial Design, Furniture Manufacture, Screen Printing, Web Design, 3d Visualisation and a dozen other jobs here and there, he has decided to follow his heart and learn Shoe Making.
Right now he is working on Pair #4 and will no doubt show off a few of them on here from time to time.
He is also obsessed with vintage guitar amplifiers, Black Sabbath and obnoxiously loud drums, so expect an album review here and there, and other music nerdery.
His websites are all outdated and a waste of time, but when they’re back, he’ll post them.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy reading what we ramble on about.
Once we open the shop we’ll have you allllll in for one of Tom’s homemade beers and some air guitar.

Team Dead and Buried.

Are you Dead and Buried?

We here at D&B HQ are looking for one more lucky guy or gal to join us in the workshop.  Our shop will be open again in about a month – Steve just painted a wall and now we need to get shit moving.
This includes filling the last desk with an awesome jeweller or object maker.  Hey, you might be awesome and don’t know it yet.  Please contact us if you are keen.



This is the studio space, retail space is behind the camera.
You get 24/7 access to the workshop,  a desk of your own and shared use of the Jeweller’s benches and tools.