I just had a look-see at the Craft Victoria Blog as they are quite shoe focused at the moment with their “Shoe Show” on until the 28th of Nov, and noticed that I got a mention!
I’m the guy who sits next to the guy who is in the show! How famous am I.

Click here to have a look

The article is about our old studio pal James Roberts who is at least 2 steps ahead of me in his self-taught shoe making journey.
He has things on display at Craft Vic AND has sold a pair to a lovely lass according to his blog.

Anyhoot, I get a mention in there along with this sweeeet photo of our old workshop that you should click on to see supersized.
panorama of old studio
image by  Richard Brockett

For those of you who are new to our world, that’s our old studio that Dani and I ran in Carlow House on Flinders Lane for 4 years.
It was the most amazing room, but unfortunately the real estate agents caught on and started charging “amazing room” rent.
We are now in a shared space in North Melbourne with some cool kids, and I hope to do a post on them all real soon, as well as a nostalgic revisit to the old studio and its many workers.
James is currently building a CRAZY space in the city that I’m sure everyone will hear about in a week or two.

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