Yasmin Hackett

Website : http://yasmin-ann.blogspot.com.au/

Currently lives in : Melbourne

Yaz joined the Dead & Buried studio in October of 2012. She is the newest member of the team is still moving her things in, so we’ll add some info about her asap!

Elise Sheehan

Website : http://moreconfusionthanhuman.blogspot.com.au/

Currently lives in : Melbourne

Elise joined the Dead & Buried studio in August of 2012. At the time she was still studying at RMIT (Jewellery) and was so damn keen to get in here and not miss out that she signed up BEFORE finishing school. That’s commitment for you!

She has a collection of jewellery on display in our shop at the moment, and we are looking forward to seeing where she takes her new found love for ceramics over the coming months.

Steven Phillips

Website : www.stevenphillips.com.au

Currently lives in : The Dead & Buried studio

After spending 10+ years as a practicing designer in Melbourne, Steve has taken the plunge and decided to turn his shoe making hobby into a career. After beginning the journey with a plan to make limited edition sneakers, his attentions were quickly redirected to fashion magazines, couture clothing and towering women’s footwear – and has found his (latest) calling. He is now hoping to combine his background in Industrial Design, Film and 3D animation with traditional craftsmanship and a passion for making girls look stunning by releasing his first range of handmade high fashion shoes in 2012.

Katia Di Crescenzo

Website : http://hertriumph.tumblr.com/

Currently lives in : Melbourne

Katia has recently joined us in the Dead & Buried studio, so expect to see and hear lots more from her in 2012. She has also just graduated and is keen to get working on a whole lot of new stuff to showcase here, and in our boutique later next year.

She recently exhibited work in the Ex[ie]perimental Collective show at Von Haus as part of the 2012 Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Amber Arizono

Website : http://www.arizono.com.au/

Currently lives in : Melbourne

Amber was the first jeweller to move in to the Dead & Buried studio, not long after we started taking applications. She graduated from NMIT and has since launched her own label ARIZONO. We’re proud to be the first stockist of all of her things and love seeing the constant flow of goodies that get a good ol’ polishing at her bench.

Hailing from Canada, she has made Australia her home and is now a full time Melbournite (and loving it)

Danielle Maugeri

Website : http://danimdesigns.portableshops.com/

Currently lives in : Melbourne

Danielle Maugeri is the Melbournian behind Dani M Designs. Working in different mediums, mainly porcelain and silver since 2001, the Dani M label has produced collections for fashion boutiques, as well as one-off pieces for gallery stores such as Craft Victoria and Object. Danielle has spent the last 9 years mastering porcelain in contemporary jewellery, with her signature colouring technique, simple wearable forms and small dose of humour in each piece, you won’t want to just look, you’ll want to touch and even eat!