So, we’re mostly moved in to the studio now, one more trailer load from home, one more trailer load from Dennis the shoemaker and one more from my Mum’s house where our retail fitout is stashed and we’re IN! Again, sorry for the lack of crafty photos and/or studio setup photos, but honestly, it’s not that glamorous. About 90% of the time it’s just Dani or I in there in our ‘old clothes’ covered in either paint, stain or sawdust… dragging heavy things around the room. Taking a photo of it never really seems like a good idea you know?

…this is the best I can do.
Nella’s photo of her using the ‘hot desk’ that is free for drop-in visitors and friends to use.

Last week we had another of what I will now be christening “good fridays” where a whole gang of Melbourne’s best and fairest turned up for a beer, some antipasto and Rum and Coke courtesy of a ring in Mexican hot tamale that one of our friends was hosting for the weekend. Her name is Carmen, and from what I could gather over the noise, she loved Melbourne and hopes to marry Dani one day…

On a good note Dani got approached to collaborate with a Melbourne fashion brand this week and it’s all systems go around here now with Porcelain samples being churned out quick smart.

We also managed to squeeze in a visit to the Bus Projects show last night to see (amongst others) our pal Anita show some KILLER stuff… which we purchased, even though we’re mad broke. Silly us.

Anita Cummins – ‘Draw the Line’

So, although it’s nothing from the Dead and Buried archives, I’ll leave you with some images that have totally won me over this week. It seems a month or more of furniture construction and tetris style layout planning has made me look at these images as the equivalent of studio setup porn. I’m all hot under the collar I tell you.

images of  Michael Johansson’s work from Core 77

See you soon! I’ll be back with some NICE photos of the (almost) finished workshop soon.

Listening to THIS

Click it, have a listen, it’s lovely. Dunno who they are or what their deal is, but that song has been in my head all week.

ps. also, how good are the Jesus and Mary Chain?
Jeez, no matter how many bands you know, there’s always one that sneaks up and kicks you in the shins with a good album and makes you wonder “how did I not listen to them for the last, hmm, 20 years?”