Have I already used that headline? Probably, oh well.

This weekend saw the first successful firing of Dani’s bowls (by first I mean batch #1 of about 10 firings…) so we are both a little happier now that that has happened.

She is still in molto riduculoso production mode, HAND SANDING every one of the 150 or so bowls, but that’s how you get results kids, hard work, no shortcuts. I tried to make her a drill accessory to make it ‘faster’… only proved to make it messier and less accurate. She was back to manual mode 20 minutes later. I admitted a (rare and crushing) defeat.

So, no pics yet of the final product, but here’s a few more in-the-making shots from the video documentary thingo.

I have been working like a nutbar, spent all weekend using 3D software to model blocks, buckets and bags of cheese… long story. I’ll explain later.

I also managed to fit in an hour of bike resto action, turning my $50 ebay bargain into a pile of bits and then sanding until I could sand no more.

Next up is to unload 4 cans of matte black onto it to make it the meanest, stealth-bomberest looking bike on my street.

Here’s a photo from the plywood shoe moulding session just as a tease. Its a bit ‘experimental’ at the moment, so i’m going to hold off on the full feature expose until I have something useful, otherwise I’m just wasting internets (that is the unit of internet time we measure things in around here) on something that may just embarrass me and lead others astray.

Rock on kids, and be sure to have a look / listen at this… the best thing I’ve heard and seen in weeks.
** “Brave yet sensible Dave” has pointed out that it is NSFW due to someĀ  swearing… be warned **