Finally got a photo of the half-way-finished luxury lined desert boots.


Nothing too exciting to say about them (in fact this whole post seems a little dry, I must have lost my jolly mojo tonight) – but I do have a picture to post of another hand-made tool that Dani and I knocked up the other day!


I needed an oversized one of those stitch spacing wheel things that dressmakers use, and seeing as how we both have Industrial (product) Design degrees I like to make things instead of wasting time heading out looking around shops trying to find something perfect.

So, with a bit of maths, Dani on the mini hacksaw blade and me on drill and gaffa taping duty… BAM… new tool.


In case you’re not quite understanding what I’m talking about, I need to make evenly spaced holes around the edge of my sole leather so that I can sew it by hand and not end up with crazy uneven stitches.
With this roller thingo I can trace around the edge of the shoe and get a nice set of even dots to punch holes through, to sew throught later on.


A little complicated sounding when I try to type it, but in short it saves me lots of time and makes my sewing better. Win/Win.
Seems there are a whole lot of single use, wierd, antiquated shoemaker tools that this job needs, so I’ll post any other impromptu ones I come up with.

Anyhoot, I’m off to do something creative… not in the mood for a night of internet nerding tonight.

Got a wedding tomorrow, congrats to Chris and Sarah, so in their honour :

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