Another week of not much crafty stuff to show… I know, what’s the point of a craft blog with no craft?

Dani is nearing the firing stage of her bowls order (which is a mammoth achievement in itself, making 100 of something she normally makes one or two of is pretty bananas) so we’ll be dropping them off at Northcote Pottery this week to use their mega kilns instead of 12 separate firings in Dani’s little battler.

a still image from the video footage I’ve been shooting of the entire process…

I managed to get out to the shed yesterday for the first time in a fortnight and finished off a the test fit boot mentioned in a previous post. It’s always SUPER satisfying to hold a real shoe in your hand that looks about 90% the same as the drawing you started from, so although the completed shoes are a bit scarce these days it’s nice to know I’ve still got the knack.

There were some lessons learned from this one, on a technical level it was my first attempt at a zip, and the first skived edges in a long time (I was still a bit lazy on my skiving it seems as there is still some bulging around the seams where it should be dead flat)

and on a design level I am getting to appreciate how ‘unusual’ design features sometimes translate to less-than-ideal results. Namely the abrupt right angled detail in the topline of these = two flaps that dont know where to go… lesson learned, either reinforce them or attach them to something if I don’t want little “shirt collars” hanging in the breeze.

please ignore the heel, its raw laser cut MDF, no time for making a stacked leather one just for a fitting.

Thanks for stopping by… seems our visitor count is still climbing so that is always encouraging to keep typing and conversing with my ol’ pal WordPress dashboard and knowing it’s not just us two that are seeing this.

On that note, the countdown to the proper, real, official, actual launch of Dead + Buried (the workshop/retail store/online emporium) is now being measured in months, so we’re getting a little crazy here with lists, plans and dinner conversations but it IS VERY GOD DAMN EXCITING!

As Dani would point out though, I do, um, need, like, shoes to sell, not just ideas.
So here comes a few months of hard work and some hardcore shoemaking! Buckle up folks.

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