Well, we’re almost a month in to the world of blogging and I have learned 2 important things :
1. Take your camera places, no photos = nothing to show off.
2. Its time to get a decent camera, bad photos are just as useless as no photos.

So, with that in mind here are some images of the other 2 pairs of shoes I have completed recently, and I’ll get back to you all with more photos of the current pairs when I remember to take a camera in.


Pair #2 to leave the workbench were these flats.
A variation on the first (brown) pair, with a twisty toe detail that Dani requested. They came out a little bulkier than planned, but not as much as the exaggerated camera angle shows them.
Not much to describe here, other than crossover designs are harder to sew than straight up flat pieces.


Pair #3 to come to life were a little more adventurous. Aiming to fill the brief of “summer sandals to wear all the time” these Zomp-inspired bad boys came in to existence.


I foolishly assumed that these would be a quick and easy departure from the last two pairs, but I was wrong. Sandals seem to involve 400 times the amount of sewing and at least 3 times the amount of brain power and fingers-crossed optimism than court shoes do.  Sewing 10 pieces of leather together and hoping they’ll all wrap up into a shoe is some anxious work.

IMG_9056 IMG_9053

I added Velcro instead of a buckle, Topy covered the whole sole for long-lasting toughness, and have since made a few minor alterations to account for Dani’s orthotic supports that had a tendency to slip out the sides.

IMG_9081 IMG_9087

That’s it for the back catalogue, I’ll show you all the finished brown breezy ones later in the week, and a new pair of T-Bar sandals, made with orthotic-side-falling-outering in mind.

This post is dedicated to the Yellow shears that you see in the sandal pic on the top right. They rule. They cut anything. They make my day so much easier. Good tools = happy times.
You may also notice my Ikea bracket + Bolt lasting pin. I like to make things, and thats what you get when you need something obscure made immediately.

Listening to : Whitesnake – Is This Love *

I recommend buying the entire album “1987”.
You would be hard pressed to find another album as awesome and ridiculous at the same time.
Every single song has joy, tears, fist clenching power lyrics and tassled jacketed big haired sexiness all through it.
Perfect for long drives, parties, and late night blog posting.