This weekend I saw the kings of riffage Warped tear up the Tote (and my eardrums), and Dani had stall at a Design Market at the Order of Melbourne bar on Swanson Street.
It was rained out and inside rather than on the rooftop, but it was a great day with plenty of customers braving the torrential rains to come up and check out the wares.

The kids from Patterns of Creative Aggression were there selling their magazines :
‘The magazine is ultimately trying to show what is involved in the creative process; a behind the scenes look into how the works readers might see in galleries, on the shelf and read about in other magazines are produced’


We met the super-cool Gali Lenko who was fronting a stall of greeting cards that you should give to someone you love, or are at least indifferent about.
You dont have to take my word for it, check out this glowing testimonial –
‘I have Jewish mothers that come in here and would find this offensive’
Owner of store on Carlisle Street

We also welcomed two new little ladies to our circle of friends, congrats to Mel + Peter and Erin + Dave for bringing Amelia and Violet into the world safe and sound!