Quick note to let you all know that my robot is sort of back on track… I’m currently back to where I was a week or more ago, with it merrily ‘printing’ away – although no actual plastic is being extruded.

Seems there is some sort of issue with my extruder part, as it gets MEGA hot, and then everything shuts down. This is bad, but in a way it’s good… a symptom is better as I have something to diagnose… when it “just wont work” is when all hope is lost as I dont even know where to begin explaining to people who know how to fix these things.

AND……….. we have purchased our first retail shop fittings! Wooo! Unfortunately a Melbourne store called Mac Pelican are closing down (due to the need for a well earned rest and some baby raising time) but from it’s ashes will rise Dead and Buried V1.0. We still dont have a shop, logo, plans, money… um, anything really, but now we have racks and glass boxes! Very. Very. Exciting.