Howdy blog readers, welcome back to Dead & Buried’s blog for another year of craft, design, construction and youtube links!

After a well earned rest Dani and I are back in action, working away on new projects, coughing up cash to our suppliers who sold things at the pop up shop, cashing cheques from our stockists (well, Dani is, not me) and shuffling desks around to accomodate our new studio crew. More on them soon, I’ll take some photos and introduce them to you when I get a chance.

This year will be the year where we go from “lets start a shop” to “oh my god, we’ve opened a shop” and hope you all stick around to see how we go, what we make and which hot celebrities are the first to get decked out in our wares.

There is a mega list to get through before I properly launch my shoe label, Dani has a stack of new ideas to work on ranging from uber-high-end Egyptian inspired jewellery to a new range of hand spun porcelain wares straight off of her pottery wheel, and together we’re going to produce some in-house label stuff for Dead & Buried, silk scarves, tote bags, that sort of thing. We are also hoping to get our first interns / helpers / students in this year so that we can have a few more sets of hands helping out and so that we can pass on all this knowledge we have, and all those expensive books we’ve bought over the years. We’ll put up some sort of official application thing when the time is right, so keep an eye out for that.

I have a whole backlog of craft / shoe stuff to post, but for now here’s a few images of the wedding shoes I made!!

that’s them, hand-dyed italian silk, mini pleats to match her bodice and ankle straps.
A bit vintage and a bit modern at the same time.

A quick flashback to the dye batches in progress (I dyed it all myself to get it jusssssst right)….

and then on the day it’s time to buckle up…
The happiest couple around

the photographers know where the real quality stuff is…

and two more shots that make the wedding look like if was in some sort of French film…

Click HERE for a big long collage of all the shots of the wedding if you like that sort of thing – it was pretty amazing in every aspect, thanks to Michelle and Wilde for having us there!
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