Hey all, just a quick image post to show what I managed on my first day back in the studio in ‘shoemaker’ mode.

Unfortunately this was only done in the last 2 hours of the day after spending the rest of it messing around with odd jobs that went nowhere… I also hit a hurdle when I found that a whole lot of yellow leather I was looking forward to using is just wayyyy too soft and tends to stretch and tear when I work with it. The annoyance took me a good hour to get over, but time is scarce, so it was on to other things.

After a suggestion from a seasoned high heel wearer that some of my designs were a bit high in the ‘throat’ – thus making the wearer’s legs look a little short if they’re not super tall – I had a go at modifying a previous design to see how well a variation on a theme would work. I also added a bit of gold piping (my first attempt at such an idea) and DAMN, it really adds a sexy evening-wear look to it. This will be investigated further asap.

So, a new shape, low in the front so when combined with a 1″ platform and a big arching heel it will make anyone look tall, long and lean. Nice. (The heel wont be white, that was just a raw one I had around)

Ooh, I also received my first email about an internship today! From the USA too, so hi Madeline if you’re reading this.. I’ve replied, we’ll see where it goes from here.

Listening to : Learn to speak French with Alexa, the Podcast….I’m learning to speak French, seems like a fun way to spend my train trips!